South Bryant School

District 26
(Bryant Unified District)
Northwest of Clarksville
1929-1930 Photo


Photo donated by Arlene Glenn whose mother, Iva (Cook) Trautman, was the South Bryant school teacher for 1929-1930.

1929 School Census Students of school age in the district
Phyllis Schwabauer
Evelyn Nielsen
Lola Mae Cook
Zelma Cook
Hilda Nordholm
June Nordholm
Mildred Strong
Blanche Travernecht
Eugene Korf
Ross Allen
DeVern Darnell
Cecil Darnell
Norman Darnell
Edward Dresen
Elmer Dresen
Conrad Dresen
Gordon Sipple
Merlyn Cook    


1909  George Turner
1910-11  Elbert Coats
1911-12 Mrs. C. Phillips
1912-13  Fred Rigby
1913-14 Aertel Kettlery
1915-16 Margaret Poss
1916-17  Martha Blank
1917-18 R. Wilson
1918-19  Florence Burch, Mary Stahl, Mrs. R.J. Briscoe
1919  S.E. Baughman
Jan- May 1920  Orin Story
1920-1921 Orin Story
1921-22 N.J. Gisk
1922-23  Jean Purvis, Marion Hulburt
1923-34 Louis McKnight, Verna Belle Lilly
1924-25 Forrest Draper
Fall of 1925- Blanche White
1-5 of 1926  Mrs. Louis Nielsen
1926-27 Ruth Warren Waters
1927-28 Fay Cook
1928-29 Emma Ruth Waters
1929-30 Iva E. Cook
1930-31 Nancy Jo Peterson
1931-32 Nancy Jo Hansen
1932-33 Luella Vestal
1934-35 Grace Hackett
1935-36 Grace Hackett
1936-37 F.K. Hall
1937-38 Charles E. Piper *
1938-39 Charles E. Piper
1939-40 Charles E. Piper
1940-41 Helen Werning
1941-42 Helen Werning
1942-43 Hattie Parmenter
1943-44 Imogene Jordin
1945-46 Alice Manning
1946-47 Mrs. Pearl Lucke


*  The 1937 county directory has "Piper, Charles (w) Zella - 15N 1/2W 2N 1/2E Yuma, Rt. A Yuma, R.
    Farmer, Teacher."


For more information about the families on the map below, see the 1937 Directory on this site.










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