Eureka School

District 39

Original photo donated by Jean Green.

A copy of the photograph was published on page 25 of the Eckley Centennial 1889-1989 booklet with the following caption.

Eureka School 1924
Mr. Howard Bristow, Harry Crabtree, Clyde Wisdom, Eileen Bristow, Lena Parker, Edna Crabtree, Imogene Wisdom, Mary Parker, Margaret Catchpole, Viola Hicks, Howard Hicks, Archie Hicks, Nellie Hicks, Allen Crabtree, Kennith Hicks (visitor), Elsie Parker, Selma Bristow, Ruby Crabtree, Paul Alder, Elvie Parker.

The Eureka School District was located immediately south of the Eckley School District.

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