District No 42.

Prairie View, Yuma, Colorado

From the 1922 atlas, the school was located in the southwest corner of section 15, 4N 48W, on the Clyde Ewart land. Akron, Colorado, and celebrated their 53rd Anniversary before he died on May 30, 1996. They had farmed a few years at Wellington, Galeton, and Gary south of Brush before moving to their present home sixteen miles northwest of Otis in 1949, which was purchased from Charles Halsey.

(Photo may not be circa 1924)


ROSE COOK, Teacher

Ruby Commons Louis Bannick
Alberta Wright Marlow Fletcher
Ruby Carter Ramon Lutz
Eura Korf Wilber Pittsenberger
Pauline Wright Harry Tilton
Nell Ruth Walker Dell Nicholson
Mable Nicholson Leo Zinn
Elsie Bannick Virgil Gorman
Irene Walker Floyd Carter
Irene Nicholson Verdon Walker
Lorene Mountain Bernard Kerst
Arlene Tilton Charles Zinn
Erna Bock Junior Pittsenberger
Eva Commons Ray Nicholson
Ila Commons Donold Richardson
Harold Kerst Eldred Fletcher

This would be about 1914-1919

Thanks to the Reynolds family !

In 1919-1920 the school board members were Earl Gorman, C. C. Frank, and R. B. Loutzenhiser.

February 2, 1928 "Wilbur Pittsenberge? has been hired by Mrs. New to build furnace fires during the remainder of this term when fires are necessary."

February 9, 1928 "Mr. and Mrs. New spent the week end in Eckley."
(In 1937 "A.D. New returned home from Boulder. While there he purchased a home to which he and Mrs. New will move in the near future."")
March 29, 1928 - Prairie View Items

Lorene Mountain, Chas. Zith?, Verdon Walker, Nelda Ewing, Chas. Crowley, Nell Ruth Walker, Joe Balderston, Ruby Commons, Mark McCall, Dollie Balderston and Ramon Lutz are the pupils in Miss Deering's room who hae been neither tardy nor absent during the past month.

Friday Mrs. New and Miss Deering administered the Otis group intelligence tests to the pupils of their respective rooms.""
In 1926 Edna New - (Mary Edna New Probasco) had just graduated, and was teaching in Sunset in 1926 - that's the district north of Eckley.

December 27, 1928, Miss Kathlyn Burns, who teaches in District 42, with her sister Mary Burns who teaches in District 35, left Friday night for Friend, Nebraska to visit over the holidays with home folks.
They are sisters of Mrs. Herman Blach.

May 8, 1930

Contributed by Arlene Glenn, Yuma Museum.

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