(Circa 1918
"At Close of School" Souvenir)

Photo of Center School

Verda M. Polly, Teacher

School Officers

W. L. Dunlap President

J. W. Slover Secretary

J. W. Kindred Treasurer

Veda Bradshaw Florence Holmes
Grace Gatten Sylvia Bradshaw
Bertha Kindred Thelma Kindred
Gladys Sharshel Freda Sharshel
Verna Sharshel Edna Sharsel
Norma Gatten Aphrodite Gatten
Milton Holmes Lonnie Sharshel
Lee Slover Carl Kindred
Clifford Bradshaw Clarence Bradshaw
Vernon Bradshaw Chancey Blank
Virgil Blank Vaughn Blank
Glen Blank Clyde Edwards
Glen Edwards Clarence Kindred
Lennie Aumnan Walter Gatten

Copied from a Souvenir: At Close of School booklet consisting of eight pages measuring 3 ½ x 5 ½ inches. Two poems included: "The Schoolhouse and the Flag" by Frank Treat Southwick and "Vacation Song" by Katherine Lee Bates. The booklet was not dated, but it was about 1918. Booklet belonged to Aphrodite (Gatten) Boyd, daughter of Walter and Grace (Gifford) Gatten who resided in Yuma Co., Colorado, approximately 1910-25.

Transcribed by : Cheryl Meyer e-mail, Feb 98.

Scan of Original Page, contributed by Cheryl Meyer, Jan 99.

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