Pleasant Hill School


Yuma County, Colorado

Term 1903-1904

Bell H. Yount,

School Board,
A. J. Wakefield T. P. Nevins
Mrs Minnie Thomas

John Eastin James Eastin
Rollie Eastin Glen Eastin
Mamie Eastin Mabel Eastin
Rosa Eastin
Winnie Hadlock Edith Hadlock
Russel Hicks Andrew Mace
James Mace Eli Mace
Pearl Mace Elsie Sweazy
Walter Sweazy
Freddie Thomas Eddie Thomas
John Thomas
Nellie Wakefield Archie Wakefield
Frank Wakefield


Copied from a Souvenir of Pleasant Hill School retained by the Bell Yount family. The 1904 Pleasant Hill School District 64 is not the Wages District 64 shown on my School District Map. It is believed that this Pleasant Hill District was the predecessor of the 1920 Pleasant Hill, District 66 shown South of Vernon on the map.

Contributed by LuJean Zion.

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