Pleasant Hill School


(Photo postcard taken 1915)

Anna Mary Emanuel, Teacher

1915 Pleasant Hill Postcard
Identification handwritten on the back of the
postcard by Selma Harmon Stults.
1. Selma Harmon 10. Elza Yount
2. Anna Mary Emanuel 11. Gerald Stuteville
3. Alice Johnson 12. Oda Stuteville
4. Bertha Kier 13. Inez Stuteville
5. Fred Johnson 14. Bill Custer
6. Silver Green 15. Russell Yount
7. Ralph Johnson 16. Charlie Kier
8. Edith Mechiem 17. George Custer
9. Anna Harmon  


Copied from a Postcard of Pleasant Hill School retained by Selma Harmon Stults. The Pleasant Hill District school was located 7 miles south and 1/2 mile west of Vernon.

Contributed by LuJean Zion.

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