Riverside School

Yuma County, Colorado


The Riverside School was 5 miles west and 2 miles north of Vernon, in the NE corner of Section 16, Township 1S, Range 45W on land owned by G.W. Blacker. In 1917, school was held in a sod building that had been built about 1910 to replace the original 1892 school "soddy." In 1922, the sod building was replaced with a two room frame building that housed the school until it was closed in the 1952 school consolidations.

This photograph was donated to the Yuma Museum by Paul Haywood who dated it from May 1920.

Front Row (from left)
Florence Eastin, Velma Crandall, Walter Renzelman, Russell Salter, Leo Burns, Paul Haywood, Clifford Salter, Walter Haywood and Byron Johnson.
Second Row
Mabel Peterson, Katherine Burns, Lola Weaver, Geneva Blacker, Guy Peterson, John Salter and Harry Rhoads.
Third Row
Velma Renzelman, Delia Starling, Vera Salter, Cecella Burns, George Peterson and Ernest Haywood.
Top Row
Marian Cramner (Teacher), May Peterson, Ada Poppen, Lucy Haywood, Letha Rhoads and Mary L. Weaver (Teacher.)

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