Boden School

District 92?
Spring 1909 Photograph
Landsman, Yuma County Colorado

Boden School
Click here for a closeup of the students and a scan of the back.

Judging by the names this Spring 1909 photograph is probably at the Boden School.

Written on the back - "This picture of Hazel taken spring of 1909." Followed by two columns of names:
1st Col.
Ada Boden, Ida Fleer, Tillie Homm, Lilly Barnes, Bill Claussen, Claude Bailey, Henry Jackson, Bill Boden, Lily Bailey, Tony Claussen, Maggie Boden, Dena Jackson, John Homm, Roy Hafley, Herbert Boden, Annie Lengel, Hazel Yount, Addie Jackson, Joseph Lengel, Ona Lightle, Lula Lightle
2nd Col.
Herman Boden, Bryan Boden, Christ Boden, John Lengel, Eldor Boden, Chas Boden, Clay Yount, Chas Lengel, Arnold Fleer, Fred Boden, Claus Claussen & teacher--Agatha Bader

Contributed by Jackie L. (Winkler) Churches, January 2005.

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