Vernon High School

Vernon 1928

Detail of students on left.
Closeup of the left

From the left - Sheldon McKennen, Harold Karns-1931, Alva Kohlman-1930, Oscar Stults-1929, Darryl Downing-1930, Beryl Parker-1931?, Joe Zion-1930, J.S. "Junior" Parker-1929, Vera Chapman-1931, Helen Akey-1929, Miss Craig (teacher), and Margaret Critchfield-1928. Year of graduation noted when known.

Detail of students on right.
Closeup of the right

From the left: Jessie Allison-1929, Alvina Witte-1929, Pauline Wages-?, Clara Anderson-1928, Mary Karns-1928, Lois Ebert-1931, Dorothy Zion-1931, Violet Meade-1931, Maude Crawford (teacher), Inez Dickson-1931, Corina Wheeler-1931 and Lela Miller-1929.

Contributed by Lee Zion. Photo not credited but probably Coston Studio, Wray.

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