Waverly High School

About 1925


The Waverly High School was started in September 1922 and was part of the Yuma County High School system until 1943 when the last class graduated. Waverly was located north of the intersection of today's Roads N and 48.


The rear "L" of the building in the photograph was the original 20x40 community 'Union Hall' erected about 1911 with donated supplies and labor as a shared faith community church and meeting hall. When Waverly High was created in 1922 the two room extension in the foreground was added to house the school. By 1925 Waverly High had expanded into the union hall. The grade school, established about 1913, was located across the road.

February 9, 1922
October 5, 1922 "C.E. Patton, the high school superintendent at Wray, visited the Waverly high last Monday."
"The Waverly High school ball team went down to Eckley last Saturday and were defeated by the Scouts by a score of 13 to 3."

May 15, 1924
January 5, 1928
April 5, 1928

March 11, 1926 "Quite a few are planning to go to the carnival at Waverly hall Friday evening of this week. The proceeds go to help the juniors of Waverly high."

May 20, 1926

May 27 1926

If you were in the Yuma County High School system, you went to Wray for graduation ceremonies.
Also in May 1926.
May 10, 1928

May 24, 1928 "In honor of the class of Waverly, many from Pleasant Valley attended the graduation exercises at Wray Friday evening. THree members, Thelma Sylvester, Zella Monk and Theodore Clark are from Pleasant Valley, Grant Woodward from Waverly, and Iva Lee Gowen from Schramm. Zella Monk was awarded a scholarship."

April 18, 1929
February 13, 1930

May 29, 1931
April 26, 1934

March 28, 1935
The names are Billie Moran, Audrey Parrish?, Wayne Johnston, Dale Monk, Dean Rutledge, Robert Thomas? Prof and Mrs. Leo Hoskins and son Berwin.

1931 Colorado State Teachers College

- Alice Dougherty

1933 "Arthur Harris of Greeley and Alice Dougherty of Ault were awarded the state superintendent of public instruction scholarships which are awarded annually to the senior boy and girl with the highest grade average. The board of trustes scholarships, given each year to two outstanding "

Edgar A. Prescott and Alice E. Dougherty married June 28, 1934, recorded in Larimer County.

In 1937 the Greeley Daily Tribune reported that Edgar Prescott "of Akron" was visiting Mrs. Walter Ho?ett of Milliken, with Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Kline and Mrs. Pescott, mother of Mrs. Kline. Mrs. Kline was the former Ruby Prescott, former music teacher in Milliken, and Edgar Prescott of Loveland.

In 1940 Edgar A. Prescott, 30 and Alice 28 are both teaching, on the census next to Chester Bowden - who lived about three miles north of Waverly.

Edgar Prescott was born on October 25, 1908 in Kimball, Nebraska. Having received degrees from the Colorado State College of Education, Prescott taught high school English and history in Colorado for 10 years before moving to Yelm, Washington in 1944. After teaching in Yelm for 25 years, Prescott retired and moved to Panorama City in Lacey in 1971. In his retirement, Prescott wrote poetry, short stories, and articles for magazines and local newspapers. In 1984, Prescott wrote stories for The Olympian in a column called "The Guest Room." In addition to four volumes of poetry, Prescott published works on the Wilcox Family of Roy, Washington and several articles on Yelm history. He died in 1990.
Alice Elizabeth Prescott, born June 21, 1911, died March 7, 2011 in Tumwater, Washington.

1935 Waverly items "Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Prescott were supper guests at the John Lett home Wednesday of last week."
October 1935 "There were 60 at Sunday school last Sunday and they were favored with a solo by Mrs. Edgar Prescott which everyone enjoyed."
December 1935

August 1937 "Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Prescott of Loveland were down last week looking for a house for the winter. They will live at the George Cox farm. They wee gusets at Lester Dickson's while here."
September 1938 In 1987 Mrs. Jette Lightsey of Ault, Colorado and Doris Cline of Hardin Montana made a northwestern trip, "In Lacey, Washington, they visited Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Prescott, aunt and uncle of Mrs. Cline."

June 19, 1941
July 31, 1941 "Mr. and Mrs. Ed Prescott returned last Thursday from Brighton, where they had gone to attend the funeral of Mrs. Prescott's father."
Walter E. Dougherty 1885-July 1941 is buried in Denver # 119361480.

February 5, 1942

July 9, 1942 "Edgar E. Prescott, a former principal in the Waverly high school, has accepted a like position in the Platteville high school."
August 1942 Platteville "Principal Edgar Prescott comes from Waverly, having taught there the past several years. He received his MA degree at CSCS"

Edgar was in Yelm, Washington in 1945.

Edgar's father Harry Burton Prescott 1868-1952 is buried in Akron, with Lilli O Bowers Prescott 1870-1953.
Edgar's sister Ruby J. Prescott Cline is also buried in Akron, with Roscoe J. Cline 1908-1977.

May 2, 1940

After Waverly High closed in 1943 the building continued life as the Waverly community center. In 1958 the building and contents were sold at auction and the money donated to the Yuma Community Hospital. The building, purchased by the United Brethren Congregation, was moved into Yuma where it continued life as a church.

August 1962

In 1968 the third reunion was held in Yuma

Photograph contributed by Arlene Glenn and the Yuma Museum. School building history from a Doris Mekelburg It's Your Museum column published in the August 20, 1998 Yuma Pioneer.

August 28, 1986

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