Wray High School, Wray, Colorado

Class of 1931

Newspaper Copy
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Column 1
John Kearns, President
Lois Adcock
Clayton Auble
LaVerne Carpenter
Hazel Cook
Column 2
Edna Cox
Gerald Chase
Edward Dangberg
Frances Dedman
Ben Funk
Bertha Foltmer
Ed Gant
Mary Hayes
Column 3
Alice Hopkins
Henry Hayes
Alice Mae Johnson
Robert Jesse
Dorothy Lott
Charley Merritt
William Morris
Jennie Oestman
Column 4
Alvin Pexler
Nola Rounds
Keith Schaaf
Gertrude Shapard
Pearl Tombaugh
Lizzie Winden
Dean Yates
Earl Yates
Not Pictured
Arylene Bell  -  Ruth Briar  -  Philip Carson  -  Levi Gourley  -  Mary Knox  -  Fern Thacker

Donated by Dick Kearns, Jan 2001

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