Wray Public Schools
Wray Rattler September 8, 1900

Our public schools convened last Monday morning with an enrollment of 135 pupils; the highest in the history of the school.  The following corps of teachers have charge of the work:  Principal, Prof. Dow, High School; Mrs. Flora Hendrie, Grammar department; Miss Bertha Sisson, Intermediate; and Mrs. Myrtle V. Derr, the Primary department.  The course of study at present consists of eleven grades, and they are in charge of departments as follows--

Primary department , first and second grades.

Intermediate department, third, fourth, and fifth grades.

Grammar department, sixth, seventh and eighth.

High School, ninth tenth and eleventh

The following is the roster of pupils:


First Grade

Charley Jackson        Clark Jordan

John Reed            Walter Berkett

Bessie Sechrist        Ralph Grigsby

Cloyd Cheney        Irwin Yenter

Jimmie Mason        Charlie Rider

Bessie McKee        Myrtle Carl

Margaret Butts        Flora Lewis

Erma Cox            Emma Blust

Second Grade

Earl Carl            Anna Armstrong

Leo Yenter            Raymond Bowles

Lura Johnson            Thaddeus Binat

Myron Dorman        George Grigsby

Mildred Counter        George Harmon

Royal Reed            Edith Dorman

Victor Willis            Jessie Lewis

Clyde Cox            Harry Neal

Ruth Lapaam (sic - must be Ruth J. Lapham, daughter of Elmer and Mary


Third Grade

Bussy Jennings        Ella Lapham

Wray Vaughn        Florence Jordan

Lewis Mason            Ray Harmon

Philip Jackson        Grace McKee

Frank Johnson        Wellman Grigsby

Fay Sechrist        Anna Reid

Norma Hendrick        Carl Cumley

Fourth Grade

May Blust            Maud Mitten

August Yenter        Effie Armstrong

Wayne Mason            Hazel Cox

Clarence Robison        Don Neal

Milly Howard        Nora Bullard

Fifth Grade

Jimmie Harmon        Myrtle Armstrong

Dale Cumley            Leonard Owings

Edna Bales            Archie Cox

Delbert Johdson (sic - must be Delbert Johnson)


Sixth Grade

Grace Wise            Wayne Bales

Mida Rush            Ray Mason

Ida Clyd                Cloyd Mercer

Marle Mitten            Otto Finn

Jane McKee            Nettie Cox

Martha Blust        Roselia Cheney

Clara Bullard        Jeff Grant

Pearl Pickett

Seventh Grade

Clara Hadlock        Lee Keliar

Retta Stick            Ellen Lepper

Clara Counter        Anna Bancroft

Will Dias            Fred Bullard

Elmer Courtney        Avery Keliar

Blanche Cunningham

Eighth Grade

Anna Lawrence        Jane McKee

Fearn Willis            Katie Weaver

Ray Blust            Rosa Howard

Orlo  Sechrist            Minnie Courtney

Victor Robison        Ruby Cumley

Egbert Bullard        Oscar Hadlock

Edgar Loyd            Lily Howard

Clarence Mason        Lizzie Cox

Essie Sechrist


Ninth Grade

Alfred Wise            Blanche Simpson

Eva Grant                Victoria Finn

Beatrice Mitten        Bessie Lepper

Myrtle Neal            Nita Robison

Clyde Cunningham

Tenth Grade

Geneva Akey        Grace Brown

Carrie Staininger        Ida Hedrick

Vesta McKee            Mattie Remington

Ben Counter

Eleventh Grade

Ora Elliott            Jim Counter

Olin Simpson        Zella Weaver

Mollie Finn        Minnie Dorman

Winniie Doaman        Elis Bullard

Pearl Jackson        Rena Chapin

Perry Cunningham


The 1900 census has Flo Hendrie, born 1870 in Illinois - Widowed.  She's living with her sister Ora (Viola in 1910) Klugh and her husband Hubbard.

Bertha Sisson, born 1875 in Missouri, is boarding with the William and Rebeca Cunningham family - farmers, and their six children AND the David Loyd family of three.

Myrtle Vaughn, 29-year-old daughter of the Wray hardware dealer, had married Otto Derr of the Wray Rattler in August 1900.  Otto also served as town clerk.  They had a baby girl on December 18, 1901,  sold all their household goods, four business lots, and eight residence lots in 1902 and moved to the San Francisco area.  In 1909 Otto was publishing the Oakland Leader

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