Class of 1911
Yuma County High School
Wray, Colorado

This was the first Yuma County High School Annual published.

This copy of the 1911 YCHS annual belonged to Lulu Coston Davis who graduated in the class of 1917. You will note burn marks on several scanned pages from a 1923 fire that burned most of the Coston house.

Senior Class Photo

Senior's Individual Photos

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Page 6 Walter Melvin Ainsle
Annabel Armstrong
Effie Armstrong
(Page 6)
Page 7 Lulu Brady
Myrtle Cook
Edyth Dorman
(Page 7)
Page 8 Lura Johnson
Esther Nordahl
Claude Prentice
(Page 8)
Page 9 Maggie Prentice
Elsie Sweazy
Lloyd Sechrist
(Page 9)

This first annual established the tradition of not listing the names of individuals in the "junior classes".

From the annual's Forward.

. . . . The class of 1911 would also like to remind you that we are the first class that has completed the entire course since the school was made into a county high school. . . . . . . The first year of the county high school was in the winter of 1907-1908 with C.S. Strickler as principal and Miss Lillian Hall as assistant. The school incrased so very rapidly during this school year it was found necessary to employ an additional teacher, and Miss Laura Bell Stevens became the new member of the faculty. The following year Miss Stevens was succeeded by Miss Minnie McDonald, while the fourth year of our school finds an entire new faculty and the addition of the fourth teacher. The present teachers are; Charles H. Hay, principal; Miss Junia Frazier; Miss Margaret Carlson and Miss Roxy Nolte.

During the first year there were ten graduates. They were, John Fike, Walter Fisk, Marvin Hix, Corda Brokeau, Edna Bales, Jessie Williams, Arley Evans, Lena Sheible, Bessie Kellar and Lucile Furneaux. The next year had no graduating class while in the third year the following people completed the work, Philip Jackson, George Culbertson, Homer Hix, Anna Reed, Zella DeArmond, Mattie Morris, Amy Smith, Bessie Goodwin, Ellen Tabor, Aestle Ketley and Ivo Dyar. . . . . .

Donated by LuJean Zion, July 2001. Scanned by Lee Zion.

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