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Miners first came to the Boulder Creek area seeking the fortunes, and they found it fast. But before long, the gold was no longer lying around on the ground and mining equipment became necessary. Instead of mining, some turned to farming and building and eventually mercantile. Other business men came and women were actively recruited. One of those first-comers was E. H. N. Patterson who later was elected to represent the county in the constitutional convention for the proposed State of Jefferson. Andrew J. Macky, Frederick Squires, and J. V. Pomeroy were the major figures in a joint stock company which arranged to loan for James E. Wharton necessary to acquire the equipment and finance the Pioneer newspaper. Squires was the first president of the Boulder City Town Company, and the first "mayor" of Boulder. Macky in 1868 served as country treasurer and built the first frame house in Boulder City.

Dr. Junius Wharton was a medical doctor. Hung his shingle Dec. 8, 1865, as a practicing physician and surgeon.

Frederick Kohler, was a Boulder banker.

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