Boulder County Biographies: Guse Family of Gold Hill

George Guise, b. Newcomerstown, Ohio, father of James Henry. James Henry Guise, b. Newcomestown, Ohio 
Nov.. 6, 1845, went to Gold Hill, Colorado 1872, worked as a miner, changed to freighting in 1890s.  Married Hannah Spaulding.  Died Dec. 10, 1928 of phenomena, buried in Columbia. Cemetery. See Obit Clippings.
Hannah Clement Spaulding, b. Nov. 11, 1843, she was the first school teacher in Gold Hill, Colo. in 1873, prior to her marriage. She died with pneumonia, Dec. 7, 1928, buried in Columbia Cemetery, Boulder. See Obit Clippings.

Mabel Guise, b. Gold Hill, Colorado, married Ralph Montgomery, lived at 3110 9th Street, Boulder, Colorado.
Jacob Guise, wife, Agnes, 
daughter Maude Guise.

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