Boulder County Biographies: Bruning

Bruning"Jonathan Levi Bruning and his wife, Mary Maria Truitt Bruning, early settlers of Boulder County, Colorado. This photo was probably taken during the 1880's. Photo Courtesy of Lottie Bruning Hendricks."

The following information on the Bruning Family was submitted by Lottie Hendricks

Jonathan Levi Bruning married Mary (Truitt) Bruning in Jamestown, Boulder County, Colorado in 1880. They lived in the old Golden Age Mining camp, and then later near Spruce Gulch before moving to the valley floor, near Haystack Mountain. They raised a family of 4 children to adulthood. Their son, Frank Bruning, was my Grandfather. Jonathan Levi Bruning and Mary Truitt Bruning are both buried in the Niwot cemetery.

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