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Towns - And any comments that you know, please send them to me.  Thanks.
San Luis - (1851-Present) County Seat
Formerly Culebra, Plaza Del Medio, and San Luis de Culebra.
The oldest town in Colorado - Pictures of San Luis and of the San Luis Valley
150th Anniversary of San Luis - 1851 to 2001
Alamosa - Inc. 1878 in Costilla County, now in Alamosa County
Baldy - (Ghost Town) Was a RR stop on 1885-1895 maps Castilla County, now in Alamosa County
Bernice - (1901-1902) 19 miles east of Fort Garland. According to Mrs. Eva Lively on January 25, 1901 she proposed a post office to be called Bernice. If the name Bernice was not approved she also listed "Norvin" and "Sively" as names for the post office. Population at that time was about 75.
Big Hill - See Russell Station
Blanca - Est. 1894, Inc. May 1910; Population at 1894 was about 75; ; Population at 1900 "about 100 adults".
5/2004-  New info from Jean Butler
There was a Blanca station on the Railroad near La Veta Pass.  That probably was founded in 1895 with the populations you have listed.  In approximately 1908, the name of the station was changed to Sierra so that the new town founded in August of 1908 at the southern base of Mt. Blanca could be called Blanca.  The Town of Blanca was incorporated in October 1909 and grew to a estimated population of 800 by 1910.
Buckskin Gulch - Abandoned Mining camp
Cable - aka Garcia
Chama - Est. 1860 Inc. November 1885; Population in 1907 "about 650".
Commodore Camp - Est. 1889 in Costilla County, now in Alamosa County
Coryell - (1887-1890) became Stanley.
Costilla - Est. 1862 Costilla County, 1872 re-survey of the state line place it in Toas County, New Mexico
Costilla Ferry - (abandoned) on 1885 map
Creech - (aka Garcia)
Cristo - (aka Sangre de Cristo) Mining camp on the 1885 map
Culebra - (later San Luis)
Eastdale - (Post Office 1895-1909) Population in 1895 was 83; Just north of the NM border on the Costilla Creek.
Fir -
Fort Massachusetts - (abandoned)
Garcia - aka Los Garcias, prev. Manzanares - Est. 1849 New Mexico Territory, now in Costilla County - Pictures of Garcia
Garland - RR construction camp, post office 1877-1878; Located about 5.5 miles NE of Fort Garland and SW of Wagon Creek
Garland City - Est. 1858 New Mexico Territory, abondoned by 1880's
Garnett - Post office 1888-1921; Population of about 125 in 1888; About 6 miles NE of Coryell; now in Alamosa County
Garrison - (1891-1896) now Hooper in Alamosa County
Grayback - Gulch (abandoned) on 1887 map
Hamburg - (aka Mesita)
Hay Siding - On 1887 map, now in Alamosa County
Hirst - Post office 1899-1901, now in Alamosa County
Hooper - Est. 1891, Inc. 1898, Renamed from Garrison in 1896, now in Alamosa County; Nice link - Mosca-Hooper Newspaper History
Jarosa - 1911 to Present - Pictures of Jarosa
La Costilla -
La Valley - 1903-1918 aka San Francisco
La Veta Pass - 1904-1911; see Veta Pass
Los Fuentes -
Los Garcias - see Garcia and Manzanares
Los Fuertes -
Lower Culebra - aka Plaza Abajo, renamed San Acacio
Manzanares - 1901-1902; aka Garcia
Margaret - 1899-1900
McClintock -
Medano Springs - Post office 1874-1879; On 1885 map; now in Alamosa County
Mesita - 1909-Present, fka Hamburg
Meyer/Myers Ferry - 1885-1885
Montville - 1887-1900 Quartered in the same old store building that once housed the Mosco post office. Monteville is at the foot of Mosca Pass. Now in Alamosa County.
Mortimer - orig. Trinchera on 1924 map; Abandoned
Mosca - 1890 - now; 
Papers were then sent to Blanca. The D&RG Railroad name the town Patterson after the land owner, but the people demanded it be named Mosca to associate it with Mosca Pass some 20 miles east. It is about 20 miles west of where Orean, Monteville and Mosco was. It has a population of about 50 people now. Now in Alamosa County; Nice link - Mosca-Hooper Newspaper History
Mosca Pass - The main route into the San Luis Valley until about 1910 when it was washed out. Alamosa did not support it being repaired.
Mosco - P.O. 24 May 1880 until 6 Feb. 1882; Mail was forwarded to Orean, 3 miles south of Mosco; Now in Alamosa County
Norman - 1890-1890
Ojito - Abandoned
Orean - 1881 to 1887; Now in Alamosa County
Paso del Puerto - Abandoned
Patterson - See Mosca
Placer - Inc. 1885; RR stop 1870's-1900's; named Russell after 1900's
Plaza Abajo - renamed San Acacio
Plaza Arriba - aka Upper Village and Upper Culebra
Plaza Del Medio - see San Luis
Rio Grande - Post office 1874-1877, on 1923 map; now in Alamosa County
Russell - 1876-1955; see Placer
Russell Station - Orig. Big Hill, on 1885 map, Russell Station on 1924 map
San Acacio -Est. 1853, Inc. 1885 New Mexico Territory; aka Lower Culebra or Plaza Abajo
San Francisco -Est. 1854, Inc. 1885 New Mexico Territory; aka La Valley
Sangre de Cristo - aka Cristo; Mining Camp
San Luis de Culebra - later San Luis, aka Culebra, Plaza del Medio; Est. 1851, Inc. 1885 New Mexico Territory; Oldest town in Colorado
San Pablo -Est. 1851, Inc. 1885 Pictures of San Pablo
San Pedra -
San Pedro - Est. 1851, Inc. 1885; aka Upper Culebra
Sierra - Abandoned; on 1924 map
Stanley - 1890-1891 formerly Coryell
Streator - 1888-1890; The Mosca post office, 1.5 miles southest, succeeded the Streator post office.
Trinchera -Abandoned, see Mortimer; on 1885 map, called Mortimer on 1924 map
Underhill - 1872-1873
Upper Culebra - renamed San Pedro
Vallejos -aka Los Fuertos
Valles - on 1885 map
Veta Pass -On 1885-1887 maps, Post office 1904-1935; formerly La Veta Pass
Viejo San Acacio - Abandoned; on 1980 map
Washington Spring - on 1885 map, now in Alamosa County
Wayside - Post office 1875-1878, on 1885 map; now in Alamosa County
Zapato - 1879-1900; now in Alamosa County

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