Yuma County Newspapers
Since 1886

While today there are only two weekly newspapers published in Yuma County, there have been many others over the years.

     Eckley Bee        1888-1889
     Eckley Republican 1890-1892
     Prairie Farmer    1891-1892 (Moved to Yuma)
     Eckley Record     1916-1919
     Eckley Tribune    1919-1943

     Friend Herald     1887-1888
May 25, 1888 "FRIEND (COLORADO) HERALD Fred WATTS traded his farm near Kingston for a livery stock in Friend, Nebraska, and for a time will make that place his home. Fred has a host of friends who will welcome him back to his place when ready to return.
J.W. DUDGEON has the finest looking lawn and the largest trees we have seen in eastern Colorado.
Ira WINSLOW came into our office Wednesday shaking eight rattles he had captured from a mammoth rattler the day before. "

Friend Republican 1889-1890 Idalia Idalia Sentinel 1887-1889 Idalia Times 1889-1890 Idalia Republican 1892-1903 Laird Laird Leader 1908-1910 Lansing Kingston Lariat 1886-1889 Logan Logan Sentinel 1887-1888 Logan Republic 1894-1896 Vernon Vernon Bugle 1917-1919 October 26, 1917 Yuma Pioneer "Yuma County has another paper. It is the Vernon Bugle and is published and edited by Dr. C. M. Worth, of Vernon. The initial number was issued last week." Wray Wray Rattler 1886-1948 Wray Republican 1888-1889 Cottage Home 1895-1896 Wray Times 1898-1901 Wray Gazette 1903-Today Inter-State Farm Journal 1911-1912 Colorado Patriot 1919-1927 "Announcement is made of the consolidation of the Wray Gazette and the Colorado Patriot, the Gazette absorbing the Patriot. The Gazette is owned by Leo Simpson, with Charles Amy as publisher.
Yuma Yuma Sun 1886-1888 Yuma Pioneer 1886-Today

Ann Caskinette wrote "Looking for information on Thomas Webb Williams, editor of the Yuma Pioneer, Yuma, Colorado Died Oct. 27, 1888 in or near Yuma. (Then Weld County)"

The Pioneer wrote in 1905 "J. Wilkes Moore and H.A. Moore were printers when Webb Williams managed the Pioneer."

September 18, 1919
Yuma Republican 1889-1900 Prairie Farmer 1892-1894 Yuma Republican 1897-1899 Spooktown Fixen 1889 Republican Mail 1889-1900 Republican News 1900-1903 Yuma County Times 1916-1921
March 16, 1917
January 22, 1920 "Bruce R. Coffman, formerly publisher of the Yuma County Times, died in Denver Saturday. The body was shipped to Phillipsburg, Kansas for burial. The deceeased recently purchased the Haddam, Kansas, Clipper-Leader and had gone to Denver to visit his brother. Heart failure was the cause of his death."

The above listing of county newspapers was in the 1985 centennial history of Yuma published under the title West Yuma County Colorado. The editor credited the list to the "Guide to Colorado Newspapers 1859-1963" compiled by Donald Oehlerts of CSU.


The Wray Rattler May 19, 1911

With this issue the Wray Rattler starts out on its twenty-sixth year of continuous publication in Wray, having completed the Quarter Century mark last week.

The Rattler was established in 1886 by Barney Condon, whose death in Maryville, Missouri, nearly two years ago, was chronicled.  Later the paper was purchased by J.N. Counter, who at present is a prosperous business man at Brighton.  Mr. Counter sold the paper to Otto Derr, who now resides at Oakland, California, and Mr. Derr sold to Mr. Dow in 1901, and on January 1, 1903, Mr. C.L. Will purchased the paper from Mr. Dow.  Last fall, to be more explicit, November 1, 1910, the present owners took over the paper from Mr. Will.

The Rattler is one of the oldest papers in Colorado, and enjoys the distinction of having a name that is not duplicated by any publication anywhere.

In looking over the first two issues we find that Newell, Sisson & Co. were in the real estate business; A.M. Coston, blacksmith; E.L. Hitchings, hardware; George & Fisher, General Merchants; E. Hitchings, Lumber; J.F. Sampson & Co., Drugs; Hays & Baloes, locaters; James R. Porer, Merchant; Geo. B. Vaughn. Notary and Land Locater; Parker & Newell, Contractors and Builders; John A Griffin, Justice of the Peace; W.L. Gilmore, practical surveyer.

Following are a few of the local items taken from the first issue of the Rattler in 1886, and will be of interest to all:

Over fifty teams were in town Saturday

he hay harvest will be quite large in the vlley this year

Farmer N. Sisson has corn knee high on his farm; three miles up the river.

A small band of buffalo have been seen several times of late, a few miles up the river.

Byron Groves, the handsomest man on the river, is turning the sod in Arapahoe county this week,

The Wray orchestra furnishes as fine music as ever we heard.  We are not entirely in the back woods.

Catching young antelope is a pleasing pastime for those who have the the (sic) time at their disposal.  Several have been caught the past two weeks.

Hon Nat. Sisson left for Maryville, Missouri for a brief visit with his family.  It is not at all  improbable that Mrs. Sisson will return with him to this Eden of the west.

Mrs. J.W. Thompson of Benkelman, Nebraska, visited her father, Mr. G.H Vaughn, at Maiden's Delight, ten miles south of Wray, last week.  She left for her home Thursday much pleased with this country.

In 1904

With this issue of the Rattler the old Washihgton (sic) is put on the retired list and a Country Campbell press now graces the spot where the Washington stood.  Theres (sic) an element of sadness in the thought of saying good by to this old time friend.  It was one of the earliest settlers in this country.  Through the heat of summer and the cold of winter, through prosperity and through adversity the old Faithful brought forth without fail the weekly edition.  Barney Condon and all his friends, J.N. Counter and all his friends, Otto Derr and all his friends, Simon Dow and all his friends and likewise the present management and all the friends and strangers they could work into it, have had a turn at the crank of the Washington.  If our new Campbell succeeds in making as many friends as has the Washington we shall feel much gratified.


The Akron newspaper of November 12, 1920 said "Frank T. Hawks, editor of the Colorado Patriot, of Wray, Colorado, was in Akron the first of the week.  Mr. Hawks was editor of the Akron News for a period of several years and is well acquainted with Akron folks."

1900 Wray "W.H. Hambaugh and wife of Fairfax, Mo., stopped over for a visit with the McKee family Wednesday. They are on their way to Puget Sound and the northwest for an outing. Mr. Hambaugh resided in Yuma about fifteen years ago, working on the Pioneer. He is now editor of the Forum at Fairfax and has a very good business."

1900 Hiawatha, Kansas, Brown County World "M. H. Hambaugh, the editor of Fairfax, Missouri, Forum, is visiting old friends in the city. Mr. Hambaugh is an old resident here for 11 years. He is much pleased with the improvement shown in the town."


1909 "W. H. Hambaugh, for years proprietor of the Fairfax Forum, has sold his publication to James A. Go-well, of Nebraska City, Neb., and as soon as he can arrange his business matter, will give his personal attention and energies to the Craig Leader of which he is the owner. He has given the people of Fairfax an ideal home paper and, with the assistance of Mr. Waite, his given Craig a like publication."

July 1909 "Byron Johnstun, formerly of Craig, has returned from Rocky Ford, Colorado, and will again enter the newspaper field, having closed a deal with W. H. Hambaugh for the purchase of the Fairfax Forum."

Holt County Missouri history "Mr. Hambaugh is also postmaster of Craig, being appointed to that position in 1914. "
William Hanson Hambaugh 1872-1943 is buried in Fairfax, Missouri, with Fanny Bell (Doughty) Hambaugh 1869-1931.
He was born in Kentucky to William Henry Hambaugh and Margaret Jane Nelson.
Fanny Belle Hambaugh was born March 28, 1969 in Craig, Missouri to Chas. A. Doughty of New York and Harriett Price.

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