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All of our original Yuma County ancestors came from somewhere else. Many of them and their children stayed in the county but many others thought the grass would be greener and the rain or jobs surer somewhere else. This page is set up as part of a "grass-roots" effort to track those migrations from one county to another.

Yuma County Migrations Project:
Immigrations [Latin - immigrãre, to enter and settle.]
Emigrations [Latin - èmigrãre, to move away from.]
How to submit your information

Other Migrations Links:
US Migrations Project database search

Yuma County Migrations Project: To submit your ancestor's name to the Yuma County project pages send an email message to mdmonk2@tx.rr.com with the information outlined below on the Primary or Eldest member of the family that moved.

US Migrations Project Master Database: To submit your ancestor's name to the US Migrations Project master database, collect the information outlined below and then go to the Migrations Project Database Entry Page and submit the data on your ancestor via the on-line form.

I would suggest you submit your ancestor to both projects. 

Outline of suggested information for the project database

Immigrants and Emigrants

  1. Name: SURNAME , Given Name of your Primary Yuma County Ancestor
  2. Born: Date & Place
  3. Migrated Thru: Dates & Places
  4. (Immigrants) Arrived Yuma County: Date & Place Settled
  5. (Emigrants) Left Yuma County: Date & Destination
  6. Died: Date & Place
  7. Remarks: Optional information.
  8. Your Name and email address: Marion <mdmonk2@tx.rr.com>

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