Yuma County, Colorado
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Trading Post:

Found Items:

Yuma County Books:

Barker History - 55 page booklet of Barker History that includes the Wakefield, Wheeler and Crouse families. This is a collection of 35 years of my research. My grandfather, Austin P. Barker, homesteaded near Vernon, CO in 1893.

$25 plus $5 for shipping and handling. - Coral Barker Allbee CORALAA@aol.com

Yuma Museum - Website.

Museum Bookshop:

Prices quoted aren't current and don't include postage. Contact the museum for details:
Yuma Museum, PO Box 454, Yuma, CO 80759

Yuma County Research Services:

Questors-- Pat Oestman, 529 Ash, Wray, CO 80758, phone 970-332-5223, email poestman@plains.net.

Original research and book author - Yuma County Titles:

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