Standard Atlas of Yuma County Colorado

Published 1922 Geo. A. Ogle & Co., Chicago

The Standard Atlas of Yuma County contained land ownership maps for each of the County's 70 townships, town plat maps, a "Patrons Reference Directory", a half page of local ads and five pages of photographs of Yuma County people and places.

Index to Names on the 1920 township map plates.

Compiled by Lee C Zion, email, April 2002.

A-K Names, L-Z Names (below)
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  NAME                          MAP  
Lagant, A.A.                 T1S R45W
Lagler, Julia                T4N R44W
Lamar, Ella                  T5N R45W
Lamar, J.B.                  T5N R45W Res
Lamar, J.B.                  T5N R46W
Lamb, G.W.                   T1S R43W
Lamb, Laura                  T1S R43W
Lambert, A.W.                T2N R47W
Lambert, E.W.                T4S R43W
Lambert, E.W.                T4S R44W
Lambert, H.E.                Kirk     Res
Lambert, W.E.                T2S R44W
Lamm, W.A.                   T1N R45W
Lampe, Fred                  T4S R42W
Lamphere, Fay R.             T1N R43W
Lamphere, Fay R.             T2N R44W Res
Lance, Roy F.                T3S R48W Res
Landers, Frank Est.          T5N R48W
Landseidel, John             T4S R48W
Lane, Earl E.                T5S R45W
Lane, G.F.                   T4S R47W
Lane, Geo. F.                T5S R47W
Lane, J.G.                   T2N R48W
Lane, L.J.                   T3N R48W
Lane, Rex W.                 T3N R48W
Lane, Wm.                    T2N R47W
Lane, Wm. W.                 T2N R46W Res
Lange, John                  T3S R42W
Lange, John                  T4S R42W
Langendoerfer, Chas.         T4S R44W
Langendoerfer, W.C.          T4S R45W
Langendoerfer, Wm.           T4S R44W
Langley, John                T4N R48W
Langston, Mable              T2S R42W
Lantwig, Alois               T2N R47W Res
Lapham, L. Est.              T4N R47W
Larkins, T.B. & J.W.         T1S R46W
Larson & Haskins             T5N R46W
Larson, John                 T3S R48W Res
Lasater, Roy                 T2S R48W
Lasater, Roy                 T3S R48W Res
Lasher, A.J.                 T2N R44W
Lasher, C.A.                 T2N R44W
Lathrop, Hattie              T5N R44W
Latier, H.H.                 T2N R47W
Latoski, A.                  T1N R42W
Latoski, And.                T1S R42W
Laughlin, C.E.               T4S R47W Res
Laughlin, Dora               Kirk
Laughlin, J.H.               T5S R47W
Laughman, Patrick            T4N R44W
Lavering, John C.            T3N R44W
Lavering, Lucinda            T3N R44W
Lawrence, J.A.               T2S R45W
Lawrence, Jas. W.            T3N R45W
Lawrent, L.C.                T2N R47W
Lawver, Judd                 T1S R44W
Lawver, Judd                 T2S R44W
Lazy FA Ranch                T3N R45W
Leach, Andrew                T4N R48W Res
Leach, W.M.                  T4N R46W
Leach, Walter                T4N R47W
Leaman, G.                   Wray
Leasure, M.H.                T4N R43W
Lebrow, J.A.                 T5S R42W
Ledford, D.V.                T4S R45W
Ledford, Thomas              T4S R45W
Lee, L.C.                    T4N R47W
Leef, Kasal                  T5N R47W
Lehman, Eads                 T5S R44W
Lehman, H.S.                 T4S R44W Res
Lehman, Mary B.              T4S R44W
Leininger, Anna              T3N R44W
Leininger, Anna              T3N R45W
Leininger, Geo.              T3N R45W
Leininger, Geo.              T4N R45W
Lenertz, Jos. H.             T4N R43W Res
Lengel, J.L.                 T5S R44W
Lengel, Jacob                T5S R43W Res
Lengel, Lewis D.             T5S R44W Res
Lensert, Ed.                 T3N R48W
Lentz, J.W.                  T4S R44W
Leonard, C.N.                T2N R43W
Leonard, W.R.                T2N R45W
Lepper, H.                   T2S R42W
Lett, E.G.                   T5N R46W
Lett, E.S.                   T5N R46W
Lett, F.G.                   T4N R47W
Lett, Letitta                T4N R47W
Lett, Rettie                 T5N R46W
Lett, S.E.                   T5N R46W
Lett, Susie                  T4N R47W
Leuch, C.J.                  T5S R47W
Leuch, Chas. G.              T3S R46W
Lewein, A.J.                 T2N R47W
Lewis, Jesse J.              T1S R46W
Lewis, Nelson H.             T1S R46W
Lewis, Thos. Est.            T1S R44W
Lidke, Otto                  T4S R43W Res
Lightle, A.J.                T5S R45W Res
Lightle, S.C.                T5S R44W Res
Lightle, S.C.                T5S R45W
Likee, Geo. F.               T5S R45W
Likens, Mary (Mrs. J.F.)     T5N R43W Res
Liming, George               T5S R46W
Liming, Nellie J.            T5S R46W
Liming. Geo. W.              T5S R47W
Lincoln, C.B.                T3N R44W
Lincoln, C.B.                T4N R44W
Lindgren, Carl               T2S R43W
Lindgren, H.E.               T2S R42W Res
Lindgren, John C.            T2N R48W
Lindsey, Arba                T1N R47W
Lindsey, F.B.                T1N R47W
Lindsey, J.L.                T5S R48W
Lindsey, Mona                T1N R47W
Linton, John                 T5S R42W
Lintz, Chas.                 T1N R48W
Lintz, Chas.                 T2N R48W
Lippert, F.H.                T5S R45W
Lippert, Fred H.             T1N R44W
Lippert, J.R.                T1N R44W
Lippert, J.V.                T1N R44W
Lippert, John                T5S R45W
Lloyd, Thos.                 T1N R43W
Loar, A.D.                   T3N R43W Res
Lockart, M.A.                T3N R47W
Lockart, M.A. Mrs.           T3N R46W
Lockart, W.J.                T3N R47W
Lockwood, E.A. Miss          T5N R44W
Lockwood, M.D.               T5N R44W
Lofthouse, Charles           T2N R42W Res
Logue, Russell               T5N R45W
Lohman, A.                   T1S R43W
Lohman, Alma C.              T1S R43W
Lohman, Arthur               T2S R43W
Lohman, Harvey               T4S R47W
Lohman, Harvey C.            T1S R43W
Lohman, Henry C.             T1S R43W
Lohman, Mable                T1S R43W
Lohn, C.E.                   T5N R46W
Lohn, O.W.                   T5N R48W
Lollman, Wm.                 T2N R42W
Lollman, Wm.                 T3N R42W
Long View Stock Farm         T4S R43W
Long, Amos                   T5S R45W
Long, Geo.                   T1N R43W
Long, George                 T2N R43W Res
Long, Joseph                 T2S R44W
Long, M.W.                   T3S R48W
Long, S.E.                   T5N R47W
Long, W.H.                   T4S R44W
Longford, Chas.              T4N R48W
Loofburrow, G.W.             T1N R48W
Loppe, Geo. W.               T1S R47W
Loppe, Mary E.               T1S R47W
Lorimer, A.E.                T4N R42W Res
Lorimer, A.E.                T5N R42W
Loring, E.                   T2N R48W
Loring, E.                   T3N R48W
Loring, Linda B.             T3N R48W
Lott, J.A.                   T1N R44W
Lott, J.A.                   T3N R43W
Lott, J.A.                   T3N R44W
Lougee, F.C.                 T4N R47W
Lougee, F.C.                 T4N R48W
Lougee, F.C.                 T5N R46W
Lougee, F.C.                 T5N R47W
Lougee, F.C.                 T5N R48W
Loughman, Celia              T5N R45W
Loughman, Celia              T5N R46W
Loughman, Edward             T5N R46W
Loughman, Patrick            T5N R45W
Loughman, Peter              T5N R45W
Loutzenhiser, Allen F.       T4S R47W
Loutzenhiser, John           T4N R48W
Loutzenhiser, R.B.           T4N R48W
Loutzenhiser, R.B. Mrs.      T4N R48W
Love, Georgia                T5S R46W Res
Lovelace, W.A.               T1N R47W
Lovelace, W.A.               T1N R48W
Lowe, H.D.                   T1S R46W Res
Lower, Ray T.                T2N R46W Res
Loyd, Edgar                  Wray     Res
Ludlum, Geo. & Frank         T3N R48W
Lueking, J.F.                T2S R43W Res
Lund, Andy                   T2N R47W
Lund, John                   T5N R47W Res
Lundgren, Carl               T5N R47W Res
Lundgren, J.E. Est.          T5N R47W
Lundvall, A.T.               T5S R43W
Lundvall, C.O.               T5S R43W
Lundvall, Emil               T5S R43W
Lundvall, Emil C.            T5S R43W
Lundvall, John A.            T4S R45W
Lundvall, John A.            T5S R43W Res
Lundvall, Rudolph            T5S R43W Res
Lundy, A.                    T1N R43W Res
Lundy, H.L.                  T5S R43W Res
Lundy, H.L. Mrs.             T5S R43W
Lutz, J.L.                   T4N R48W
Lyman, R                     Wray

  NAME                          MAP  
Mace, Eli F.                 T3S R45W
Mace, G.                     T5S R45W
Mace, J.F.                   T5S R47W
Mackay, T.O.                 T2S R48W
Mackelburger, J.F.           T5S R47W
Madsen, Jacob                T4S R46W
Magers, Claud Est.           T5N R43W
Magg, Frank                  T5S R48W Res
Mahagan, E.O.                T1N R42W
Manhart, Katharina           T4N R47W
Manifold, J.F.               T4N R48W
Manley, D.S.                 T4S R46W
Manley, D.S.                 T5S R45W
Mann Bros.                   T2S R42W
Mann, Clifford               T3N R46W
Mann, F.G.                   T2S R43W Res
Mann, R.C.                   T2N R45W Res
Mann, R.C.                   T3N R45W
Mansur, J.G.                 T2N R46W
Maple, Oren                  T2N R43W Res
Marble, E.R.                 T1S R47W Res
Markey, Frank                T2S R44W
Marley, D.S.                 T5S R46W
Marris, M.                   T2S R47W Res
Marshall, Anna L.            T5S R48W
Marshall, B.A.               T2N R44W
Marshall, B.A.               T2N R45W Res
Marshall, C.H.               T3N R46W
Marshall, Lloyd              T1S R48W Res
Martin, A.E.                 T2N R46W
Martin, Annie                T2S R46W
Martin, E.E. Mrs.            T3S R42W
Martin, J.A. Mrs.            T2N R43W
Martin, Lizzie               T3N R48W
Martin, Lola A.              T3S R47W
Martin, M.S.                 T2S R46W
Marvin Inv. Co.              T4S R46W
Mason, C.L.                  T1S R46W
Mason, C.L.                  T1S R47W
Mason, C.L.                  T2S R47W
Mason, H.W.                  T1N R42W Res
Mason, Susan D. Est.         T1N R43W
Mason, Trudy                 T5S R48W
Mathas, C.F.                 T4S R46W
Mathews, R.A.                T5S R43W
Mathews, Ray                 T4S R43W
Mathies, Ferdinand           T4N R47W Res
Mathies, Frank               T4N R47W
Mathies, Jos.                T4N R47W
Mattern M.W.                 T4N R43W Res
Mattern, Alice M.            T4N R42W
Mattern, M.W.                T4N R44W
Maust, A.E.                  T3N R48W
Mavity, R.E.                 T5S R47W
May, Byron F.                T3S R44W
May, Hollis Est.             T3S R42W
May, J.J.                    T2S R43W
May, Ross P.                 T2S R43W
Mayer, J.M.                  T2N R48W
Mayer, J.M.                  T3N R48W
McAllister, Wm. F.           T2S R42W
McBride, W.J.                T2S R46W
McCafferty, C.W.             T3N R46W
McCall, Duncan               T2N R48W
McCall, Duncan               T3N R47W
McCall, J.M.                 T4N R48W
McCall, Jesse                T1N R47W
McCandless, A.L.             T5S R48W
McCasland, A.                T1N R47W
McCasland, Art               T1S R47W Res
McCauley, Hugh J.            T2S R46W
McCauley, Hugh J.            T3S R46W
McClelland, E.J.             T1N R48W
McClelland, Sarah A.         T1N R48W
McClung, J.L. Est.           T1S R48W
McClure, Anna R.             T1S R42W
McColery, Chas.              T2N R45W
McCollough, John W.          T3S R42W
McColloum, L.P.              T2N R46W
McCommon, C.A.               T4S R45W
McConnell, Geo. W.           Wray
McCormick, J.T.              T5N R45W
McCormick, J.T.              T5N R46W
McCoy, Claude                T3S R44W
McCoy, Delia Lane            T3N R44W
McCoy, H.H.                  T2N R47W Res
McCoy, J.                    T3N R48W
McCracken, C.E.              T1S R47W
McCue, Mary                  T4N R47W
McDivett, Wm.                T1S R44W
McDonald, C.L.               T3S R47W
McDonald, E.L.               T3S R47W
McDonald, Frank M.           T3S R46W Res
McDonald, Grover C.          T3S R47W
McDonald, M.M.               T4N R46W
McElwain, O.K.               T2N R43W Res
McElwain, O.K.               T3N R45W
McElwain, O.K.               T4N R45W
McGaughey, Hugh              T5N R42W
McGinnis, Benj.              T3S R45W
McGinnis, Bruce R.           T1N R44W Res
McGinnis, Bruce R.           T2N R44W
McGinnis, Bruce R.           T4N R44W
McGinnis, Byron F.           T1N R45W Res
McGinnis, C.C.               T2N R44W Res
McGinnis, D.C.               T1N R42W Res
McGinnis, G.W.               T1N R42W
McGinnis, H.W.               T3N R43W
McGinnis, Lydia              T1N R44W
McGinnis, Lydia M.           T2N R44W
McGinnis, Mont O.            T2N R44W Res
McGinnis, S.M.               T1N R42W
McGinnis, W.D.               T1S R43W
McGinnis, W.D.               T2S R44W
McGinnis, W.D.               T3N R43W
McGinnis, W.D.               T3N R44W
McGinnis, W.E.               T1N R42W
McGrath, Mary A.             T1S R47W
McGrath, R.I.                T4S R45W
McGrath, T.W.                T4S R43W
McGrath, T.W.                T5S R45W
McGride, E.                  T5N R46W
McGuire, Noble               T5N R48W Res
McIlvanie, John              T1N R44W
McIntire, E.W.               T4S R43W
McKay, W.D. Mrs.             T1S R48W
McKee, Artie                 T1S R42W
McKee, Thomas                T3S R43W
McKelvey, H.J.               T5N R46W
McKelvey, W.R.               T4N R45W
McKelvey, William R.         T4N R46W Res
McKinney & Conrad            T5N R48W
McKinney, H.E.               T2S R43W
McKinney, H.E.               T3S R43W
McKinney, H.M.               T4N R48W
McKinney, H.M.               T5N R48W
McKinney, Lena B.            T4N R48W
McKinney, T.J.               T5N R48W
McKinzie, Bert               T4N R45W
McKinzie, Eli                T5S R43W
McKinzie, Lester             T5S R43W
McLaughlin, ?                T1N R44W
McLaughlin, D.H.             T2N R47W Res
McLaughlin, John Est.        T2N R47W
McLaughlin, Paul             T3N R43W
McLean, S.D.                 T2N R43W
McLean, Tyson                T5S R47W
McLeran, Geo. R.             T3N R48W
McMahon, Margaret            T5N R47W
McMurphy, A.C.               T1S R48W
McMurray, F.E.               T5N R48W
McNair, J.C.                 T5S R46W
McNair, John C.              T5S R45W
McNair, John C.              T5S R46W
McNaught, John               T1S R47W
McNeal, C.                   T1N R47W
McNeal, H.G.                 T5S R43W
McNeal, H.H.                 T5N R47W
McPherson, Rob't             T1S R42W
McVey, F.T.                  T5S R48W
McWilliams, C.A.             T5N R48W
Meade, B.S.                  T5S R47W Res
Meade, G.E.                  T1S R44W Res
Mealey, Jno.                 T1N R44W
Mealey, John Mrs.            T1N R43W
Means, F.M.                  T5N R42W
Meier, Fred M.               T2N R47W Res
Meier, Henry F. Est.         T3N R47W
Meier, Henry L.              T3N R47W Res
Meis, C.F.                   T1N R48W Res
Mendenhall, Ira              T1N R46W
Menke, Wm.                   T1S R44W
Merrell, Mae                 T3S R42W
Merriam, H.M.                T5S R43W
Merriam, H.M.                T5S R47W
Merrill, Forest              T4N R44W Res
Merrill, Frank               T2N R42W
Merrill, S.N.                T4N R44W
Merritt, Anna M.             T4N R44W
Merritt, Anna S.             T4N R48W
Merritt, James               T1N R48W
Merritt, Wm. J.              T4N R44W
Meserve, M.H.                T4S R44W
Mess, H.                     T5N R46W
Mess, Herman                 T5N R46W
Meyer, A.F.                  T3N R48W
Meyer, Alex                  T3N R46W
Meyer, Alex                  T4N R48W
Meyer, C.F.                  T4N R48W
Meyer, Robert                T3S R48W
Meyer, Walter                T3S R48W
Meyers, Alex                 T4N R46W
Meyers, Fred                 T1S R48W
Michaels, John               T4N R48W
Milbourn, W.S.               T5S R43W
Miles, E.C.                  T2N R42W
Miles, Ida                   T2S R42W
Millen, A.C.                 T1N R48W
Millen, O.R.                 T1N R48W
Miller Est.                  T1N R48W
Miller, A.                   T3N R45W
Miller, A.E.                 T1N R45W
Miller, Aaron Est.           T1N R43W
Miller, Asa J.               T1S R44W Res
Miller, B.M.                 T2S R44W
Miller, C.J.                 T2S R46W
Miller, C.J.                 T4S R47W
Miller, C.L.                 T2S R47W
Miller, Chas.                T2S R42W
Miller, E.                   T2S R46W
Miller, F.E.                 T2N R46W
Miller, Frank                T2N R45W
Miller, Henry                T2N R48W
Miller, Julia De H.          T1N R42W
Miller, Julia Dell           T2N R46W
Miller, L.C.                 T3S R45W
Miller, M.E.                 T3S R45W
Miller, M.E.                 T4S R45W
Miller, M.H.                 T4S R45W Res
Miller, Morgan H.            T3S R44W
Miller, N.B.                 T2S R46W
Miller, Otto                 T3S R48W
Miller, Pierce               T1N R43W Res
Miller, Pierce               T2N R43W
Miller, Price                T1N R42W
Miller, Robert D.            T1N R48W
Miller, T.E.                 T4S R45W
Miller, W.H.                 T1N R46W
Miller, Walter               T4S R47W
Mills, Florence              T3S R45W
Mills, Harry                 T5N R45W
Mills, Harry                 T5N R46W
Millsap, G.B.                T4S R47W
Millsap, G.D.                T4S R46W
Minchow, J.D.                T1S R44W Res
Minton, F.O.                 T1N R43W Res
Minton, W.E.                 T2N R44W
Mischler, Wm.                T1S R46W
Mitchell, F.L.               T5N R47W
Mitchell, Frank              T1S R45W
Mitchell, J.C.               T5N R47W
Mitchell, Nick               T3N R44W
Mitten, O.L.                 T1S R44W
Moberly, L.E.                T4S R43W Res
Modrell, M.S.                T1N R42W Res
Modrell, M.S.                T2N R42W
Moellenberg Bros.            T4S R44W Res
Moellenberg, Aug.            T4S R43W
Moellenberg, H.F.            T5S R43W
Moellenberg, Henry           T4S R44W
Moerer, A.G.                 T3S R48W
Mollenberg, Henry            T5S R43W
Mollison, Orville            T5S R48W
Monk, Albert                 T4N R46W Res
Monk, Cynthia                T4N R46W
Monk, Lesley                 T5N R46W Res
Monk, Mary E.                T4N R46W
Montgomery, Maude            T4N R43W
Montgomery, S.A.             T4N R43W
Moon, Earl                   T5N R44W
Moon, Thos.                  T5N R44W
Moore, C.M.                  T3N R44W
Moore, C.M.                  T5N R48W
Moore, C.N.                  T1S R43W
Moore, Carrie E.             T3S R43W
Moore, G.C.                  T3S R47W Res
Moore, G.C.                  T4S R47W
Moore, J.S.                  T5S R47W
Moore, K.P.                  T5N R47W
Moore, Perry                 T2S R46W
Moore, Perry                 T3S R45W
Moore, Perry                 T3S R46W Res
Moore, V.V.                  T3S R43W
Moore, W.J.                  T1N R43W Res
Moore, W.L.                  T3S R45W Res
Moore, W.L.                  T3S R46W
Moore-White, Margerite       T5N R47W
Moorey, J.M.                 T1N R45W
Moran, A.D.                  T4N R46W
Moran, A.L.                  T4N R46W
Morey, J.M.                  T1N R46W
Morey, Jas. M.               T2S R45W
Morgan, A. Mrs.              T1N R46W
Morgan, A.L.                 T3S R43W
Morgan, A.L.                 T4S R43W
Morgan, A.W.                 T1S R46W
Morgan, Avery L.             T4S R43W
Morgan, G.S.                 T5N R47W
Morgan, H.L.                 T3N R45W Res
Morgan, H.L.                 T3N R46W
Morgan, Ray F.               T5N R47W Res
Morger, James                T3S R45W
Morrell, Thos. E.            T1S R42W Res
Morris, A.E.                 T4N R42W Res
Morris, C.A.                 T2S R43W
Morris, C.W.                 T2S R42W
Morris, Freeman              T3S R43W
Morris, Helen C.             T2S R43W
Morris, M.F.                 T2S R43W
Morris, Noah W.              T5S R45W Res
Morris, Samuel               T3N R47W
Morrison, A.J.               T5N R48W
Morrissey, Edward J.         T5N R48W Res
Morrissey, Lawrence          T5N R48W
Morton, L.M.                 T4N R47W Res
Morton, Urais                T1S R43W Res
Moseke, Henry                T5N R47W
Moser, L.O.                  T5S R46W
Moser, S.W.                  T1S R47W
Moses, Allen Est.            T2S R48W
Mountain, Artie              T3N R48W
Mounts, Lloyd T.             T3N R45W Res
Muchow, C.                   T1N R47W
Mueller, A.E.                T5N R47W
Mulder, Wm.                  T2N R47W
Mulder, Wm.                  T3N R47W
Mulder, Wm.                  T3N R48W
Mulder, Wm.                  T4N R46W
Mulder, Wm.                  T5N R47W
Mulfinger, W.A.              T5N R47W
Mullison, Darma              T2N R44W
Mullison, L.D.               T2N R44W
Mullison, L.D.               T3N R44W
Mullison, N.O.               T2N R44W
Mullison, N.O.               T3N R44W Res
Mullison, R.C.               T3N R44W Res
Mullison, R.C.               T4N R44W
Mumm, W.C.                   T2S R47W
Mumm, W.C.                   T3S R47W
Munson, Fred                 T3N R42W
Munz, Anna                   T4S R45W
Munz, Frank                  T4S R45W Res
Murdock, D.A.                T1N R42W Res
Murphy, C.D.                 T4N R46W
Murphy, Davis                T2S R45W
Murphy, E.J.                 T1S R46W Res
Murphy, Homer F.             T1S R47W Res
Murphy, Homer F.             T3N R46W
Murphy, J.E.                 T3N R46W Res
Murr, Andy                   T1S R44W
Murrain, Edgar               T3S R45W
Murrain, Wm.                 T3S R45W
Murray, Lizzie               T4N R45W
Murrow, Fred G.              T2S R46W
Murrow, Fred G.              T3S R45W Res
Murrow, W.E.                 T2S R45W Res
Murrow, W.E.                 T2S R46W
Mussiek, J.E.                T3N R43W
Mustain, L.A.                T2N R48W
Myers, A.T.                  T2N R45W Res
Myers, Elmer                 T1S R47W

  NAME                          MAP  
Nall, J.F.                   T4N R45W
Nalor, J.H.                  T2S R48W
Narans, Floyd A.             T5S R45W
Nash, A.B.                   T5S R43W
Nash, J.A.                   T4S R45W
Nash, J.A.                   T4S R46W Res
Nash, Roy                    T3S R45W
Nash, Roy                    T4S R45W
Nash, W.F.                   T4S R43W Res
Nash, W.F.                   T5S R43W
Nash, Wm. J.                 T4S R43W Res
Nation, Virgil               T1S R45W
Naylor, J.H.                 T2S R48W
Neal, Geo.                   T3N R43W
Neifelt, M.S.                T5N R44W
Neifert, C.E.                T3N R43W
Neifert, D.J.                T1S R47W
Neifert, D.J.                T1S R48W
Neifert, Florence            T3N R42W
Neifert, Florence            T3N R43W
Neifert, Marie S. Est.       T4N R44W
Neikirk, D.H.                T4S R48W
Neikirk, H.D.                T4S R47W
Neikirk, H.D.                T4S R48W
Neinabor, W.H.               T1S R43W
Neiswanger, D.F.             T1N R47W
Neiswanger, D.F.             T2N R48W
Nellans, M.E.                T3S R45W Res
Nelson, Albert               T2N R43W Res
Nelson, Chas. J.             T2N R48W
Nelson, Chas. J.             T3N R48W
Nelson, H.B.                 T4S R48W
Nelson, Jas.                 T5N R46W
Nelson, Netta M.             T2N R48W
Nelson, O.M.                 T2S R43W
Nelson, Oscar L.             T1S R47W
Nettleton, J.L.              Wray
Neuschwaner, Addie           T1S R46W
Neuschwanger, Addie          T1S R47W
Neuschwanger, D.C.           T3N R46W
Neuschwanger, James E.       T1N R46W Res
Neuschwanger, John A.        T1N R45W Res
Neuschwanger, Joseph Heirs   T3N R47W
Neuschwanger, W.H.           T3N R46W
Nevils, M.C.                 T4S R45W Res
Nevils, Michael C.           T4S R45W
Nevils, Patrick              T4S R45W
Nevils, Thos.                T4S R45W Res
Nevin, John                  T3S R43W
Nevin, T.P.                  T2S R44W Res
New, A.D.                    T3N R45W Res
Newbanks, John               T5N R45W
Newbanks, John               T5N R46W Res
Newbrey, Geo.                T4S R47W
Newell, S.R.                 T1N R44W Res
Newland, F.J.                T1S R48W
Newland, W.J.                T1N R48W
Newport, Geo.                T2S R48W
Newport, Lina                T2S R48W
Newton, M.C.                 T2S R45W
Newton, M.C.                 T2S R46W Res
Nichol, D.R.                 T4S R43W
Nichols, Henry Mrs.          T3S R48W
Nickel, J.C.                 T5N R42W
Nickel, Wm.                  T1S R45W
Nickolaus, Andrew            T3N R47W Res
Nickolaus, Frank             T3N R47W Res
Nickolaus, Martin            T1N R47W Res
Niehaus, Wm.                 T4N R44W
Nielsen, E.                  T2N R45W
Nielsen, Fred                T5N R47W
Nielsen, N.C.                T2N R45W Res
Nielsen, Phillip             T3N R47W Res
Nieman, E.L.                 T5N R46W Res
Nikkel, Bernhard             T4S R48W
Nikkel, Carl                 T4S R47W Res
Nikkel, P.J.                 T4S R47W
Nikkel, R. Belle             T4S R48W
Nikkel, Walter               T4S R48W
Niles, ?                     T1N R48W
Nilsson, Clara               T3S R43W
Nincehelser, John J.         T1N R46W Res
Noble, R.D.                  T2N R46W
Noble, W.A.                  T2S R47W
Noble, Wm. A.                T1S R48W Res
Noffsinger, C.W.             T3N R44W Res
Noffsinger, J.W.             T3N R43W
Noffsinger, Ray              T3N R44W
Nofzinger, D.S.              T4S R44W
Noll, J.F.                   T5S R47W
Nordahl, C.V.                T1S R43W
Nordahl, Ellen M.            T1S R43W
Nordholm, Andrew E.          T5N R48W Res
Nordholm, Betty              T5N R48W
Nordholm, Elmer              T5N R48W Res
Nordholm, Peter              T5N R48W
Norman, C.E.                 T5N R46W
Norman, E.J.                 T5S R48W
Norstrom, A.D.               T4S R47W
Norstrom, Olaf               T4S R47W
Northcutt, A.C.              T4N R46W
Northcutt, A.C.              T5N R46W
Northcutt, S.H.              T4N R45W
Northcutt, S.H.              T4N R46W
Norton, E.R.                 T2N R47W
Norton, L.H.                 T2N R47W
Norton, N.N.                 T2N R47W
Norton, O.B.                 T2N R47W
Norwack, E.                  T4N R45W
Nuding, W.O.                 T1S R48W Res
Nugent, G.V.                 T4S R44W
Nutter, E.R. Est.            T4S R48W
Nutter, J.D.                 T4S R47W
Nutter, Otis                 T4S R48W

  NAME                          MAP  
Oberg, Geo. L.               T2S R43W
O'Brien, Clara B.            T5S R48W
O'Brien, J.J.                T5N R48W
O'Brien, James W.            T5S R48W Res
O'Brien, Jerry               T3N R46W
O'Conner, A.T.               T5N R44W Res
Odell, F.M.                  T3N R42W
Odell, F.M.                  T3N R43W
Odell, Samuel                T1N R44W
O'Donnell, J.S.              T5N R46W
Oekle, Clarice               T3N R48W
Oelke, George                T3N R48W
Oestman, F.G.                T4N R45W
Oestman, Fred G.             T4N R44W
Ogle, A.J. Mrs.              T1N R48W
Ogle, Geo.                   T1N R48W
Ogle, John                   T1N R48W
Oliver, R.P.                 T4S R44W
Oliver, S.R.                 T3S R44W
Olney, E.A.                  T5S R45W
Olsen, Anton                 T3N R48W Res
Olsen, Thorwald              T3N R48W
Olson, Chas.                 T4N R44W Res
Olson, Eli                   T3N R44W
Ommen, C.                    T5S R43W
O'Neal, Geo.                 T5S R42W
O'Neal, Sheridan             T5N R45W
O'Neal, Sheridan             T5N R46W Res
O'Neil, Mary                 T4S R45W
O'Neil, Mary                 T5S R45W
O'Neil, Otis                 T5S R47W
Orell, Mearl                 T5N R44W
Ormsby, A. Scott             T5S R46W
Orndorff, J.G.               T2S R42W Res
Osman, Frank                 T5S R45W Res
Osman, J.A.                  T5S R44W
Osmus, John                  T1S R43W
Osmus, John                  T2N R43W
Osmus, O.M.                  T1S R44W
Osmus, Sarah                 T1S R44W
Ostrander, E.                T4S R42W
Ostrander, G.A.              T4S R42W Res
Ostrander, G.A.              T4S R43W
Otta, C.W.                   T3S R48W
Ottele, N.                   T5N R48W
Otto, G.W.                   T5N R46W
Owen, J.J.                   T2N R48W
Owens, Arthur C.             T5S R45W Res
Oyler, Walter                T5N R47W

  NAME                          MAP  
Packer, C.A.                 T5S R48W Res
Packer, Frank                T4S R48W
Padget, Geneva               T4N R43W
Pagel, A.W.                  T3N R47W
Pagel, Albert                T3N R47W
Pagel, Carl C.               T3N R48W
Palmer, K. Paige             T4S R43W
Palmer, M.                   T1N R48W
Park, Charles                T4N R46W
Park, Dollie                 T3N R45W
Park, Dollie                 T3N R46W
Parker, Alvin P.             T1S R44W Res
Parker, J.G.                 T1N R45W Res
Parker, S.W.                 T1N R45W Res
Parker, S.W.                 T4N R45W
Parker, W.D.                 T2S R44W
Parks, E.E.                  T4N R46W Res
Parks, E.E.                  T5N R45W
Parse, V.H.                  T1N R45W
Partch, C.M.                 T1S R48W
Patchen, D.M.                T3N R43W
Patten, E.M.                 T1N R48W Res
Patterson, Clyde T.          T1N R43W Res
Patton, C.A.                 T1N R43W
Patton, C.E.                 T3N R42W
Patton, James                T3N R43W
Patton, Maggie               T2N R43W
Patton, Norman B.            T3N R48W
Paul, J.M.                   T4N R48W
Paul, Stephen N.             T3S R48W Res
Paul, W.A.                   T4N R47W
Payne, Benj. W.              T4S R45W
Payne, Benj. W.              T4S R46W
Peacock, Guy                 T4S R48W
Pearson, A.A.                T3N R43W
Peavler, A.J.                T3N R46W Res
Peck, F.E.                   T2S R45W
Peck, Maude M.               T1S R44W
Peck, Maude M.               T1S R45W
Peck, Maude M.               T4S R44W
Peckham, N.M.                T1N R47W
Peevler, W.O.                T3S R45W
Pember, Aaron                T4S R47W
Penton, Jas.                 T2S R43W
Percy, Geo. F.               T1S R47W Res
Perkins, F.E.                T2S R48W
Perkinson, J.E.              T4S R46W Res
Perrine, S.H.                T5N R47W
Perry, B.A.                  T1S R48W
Perry, C.H.                  T2S R46W
Petefish, John               T2S R45W
Peters, Ernest               T1S R45W
Peters, Ernest               T2N R48W
Peters, Harry                T3N R48W
Peters, Isaac                T2S R43W
Peters, John                 T1S R43W Res
Peters, N.B.                 T2S R43W
Peters, Rose M.              T2S R43W
Peterson B.H.                T5N R47W
Peterson, Chris.             T3N R47W
Peterson, Cyrus              T3N R45W
Peterson, E.G.               T2N R47W
Peterson, Ernest             T5N R48W Res
Peterson, Fred T.            T1S R42W Res
Peterson, Hannah             T5N R48W
Peterson, John               T5S R48W
Peterson, O.E.               T2S R43W Res
Peterson, O.E.               T3S R43W
Petrie, Albert               T3N R47W
Petrie, Albert               T4N R47W
Petrie, Reed W.              T3N R47W Res
Petrie, Wm.                  T3N R47W
Petrouski, J.                T3N R48W
Petty, Clyde A.              T3S R43W
Petty, Mont                  T5S R48W
Pevler, O.S.                 T1S R45W Res
Pfeiler, J.                  T4S R44W
Pfeiler, Joseph              T5S R44W
Phalen, Margaret             T4S R46W
Phillips, Wm. A.             T3N R46W
Phinney, W.S.                T1S R46W
Pickens, Vilda               T1N R44W
Pickett, C.D.                T1N R43W
Pickett, C.D.                T1S R43W
Pickett, C.D.                T2N R43W
Pickett, C.D.                Wray
Pickett, H.J.                T2N R43W Res
Pickett, Nellie May          Wray
Piekenbrook, T.J.            T3N R48W
Pilkington, D.W.             T2N R42W
Pilkington, D.W.             T2N R43W
Pilkington, Geo. W.          T2N R42W Res
Pilkington, John             T1N R42W Res
Pinchard, A.L.               T4S R43W Res
Pinckard, A.C.               T5S R43W
Pinckard, A.F.               T3S R43W
Pinckard, Ida                T3S R43W
Piper, Lewis                 T3S R45W
Piper, M.E.                  T3S R42W
Pittman, Wm.                 T1N R45W Res
Plageman, Chas. P.           T2N R46W Res
Plageman, Fred               T2N R45W
Plager, Geo. F.              T2N R47W
Plank, D.G.                  T3N R47W
Pleis, G.                    T3S R43W
Pletcher, G.W.               T1N R47W
Pletcher, Geo. W.            T1N R47W Res
Pletcher, J.W.               T2N R47W
Plucheck, Tessa              T1N R42W
Pointer, L.O.                T2N R46W
Pollock, Bruce               T5N R44W Res
Polly, E.D.                  T2S R45W Res
Polly, O.S.                  T2S R45W
Polly, O.S.                  T2S R46W
Pool, A.L.                   T2S R42W
Pope, C.W.                   T5N R47W Res
Pope, Warren                 T5N R46W Res
Poplin, R.G.M.               T1N R45W
Poppe, Henry                 T1S R47W
Poppe, Henry                 T3N R48W
Poppen, M.                   T1S R45W Res
Porter, C.J.                 T4N R43W
Porter, G.M.                 T1N R46W
Post, Baker                  T3N R43W Res
Post, J.A.                   T5N R48W
Post, J.F.                   T3N R43W
Post, Joseph E.              T3N R43W
Post, Willis                 T3N R43W Res
Potter, Blanche              T4S R42W
Potter, I.E.                 T3S R42W Res
Potter, R.A.                 T2N R46W
Pound, A.L.                  T5S R47W
Pound, D.H.                  T4S R47W
Pound, Guy E.                T5S R47W
Pounds, H.E.                 T4S R48W
Pounds, J.                   T3N R48W
Pounds, J.D.                 T1N R48W
Pounds, Lewis                T2S R46W
Pounds, Millie               T1N R46W
Powell, Geo. C.              T5N R47W
Powell, R.T.                 T3N R47W Res
Powell, R.W.                 T3N R47W Res
Prather, Josie E.            T2N R48W
Pratt, J.A.                  T5S R47W
Pratt, Lina R.               T5S R47W
Prell, Ora C.                T3S R46W
Prentice, B.D.               T1N R42W
Prentice, B.D.               T4N R46W
Prentice, B.D.               T4N R47W
Prentice, B.D.               T5N R47W
Prentice, B.D. Mrs.          T1N R42W
Prentice, F.K.               T1N R42W Res
Prentice, F.K.               T1N R43W
Prentice, Harold             T5N R47W Res
Prentice, J.R.               T1N R43W Res
Preuss, Chas. G.             T5S R47W
Preuss, Paul                 T5S R46W Res
Price, Earl B.               T2N R44W
Price, Earl B.               T2N R45W Res
Price, H.B. Mrs.             T2N R45W
Prickett, A. Est.            T1S R45W
Prickett, B.C.               T1S R45W Res
Prickett, J.A.               T1S R45W Res
Prickett, Jacob              T1N R47W
Printice, B.D. Mrs.          T2N R42W
Printice, C.C.               T1N R43W
Printice, J.R.               T1N R43W Res
Pritchard, Bertram           T1S R48W
Probasco, E.G.               T3N R46W Res
Probasco, G.W.               T2N R46W
Probasco, Myron              T3N R46W
Probasco, P.O.               T2N R46W
Probasco, Roy                T5N R48W
Proctor, C.C.                T3S R46W
Proctor, G.R.                T1S R45W
Progress Heights Ranch       T2N R46W
Pryor, Clyde R.              T4S R47W
Pryor, L.H.                  T4S R47W Res
Puaterbaugh, Merl            T3S R43W
Puckett, John C.             T2S R47W
Pugh, Gladys                 T4S R47W
Purcell, Grace               T2S R45W
Purvis, J.G.                 T4S R48W
Putman, Jessie               T3S R46W
Putt, Philip                 T5N R47W Res
Putt, Phillip                T5N R45W
Puunds, Millie               T1S R46W
Pycha, Frank                 T5N R47W
Pyle, Wm.                    T1N R44W
Pyle, Wm.                    T2S R44W
Pyles, Wm. B.                T4S R48W

  NAME                          MAP  
Q Ranch                      T2N R43W
Quick, Jennie F.             T5S R46W
Quigg, Wm                    T5N R46W
Quiggle, C.S.                T2S R46W
Quiggle, Chas. A.            T1S R43W Res
Quinn, Matilda               T4N R48W
Quinton, Nick                T5N R48W

  NAME                          MAP  
Race, Geo.                   T4S R45W
Race, Geo.                   T5S R45W
Rademacher, Heye             T5N R46W
Rager, Harry A.              T1N R43W
Railsbach, H.E.              T4N R47W
Railsback, H.E.              T3N R47W
Ralph, E.                    T1N R43W Res
Ramseier, Emma               T4S R45W
Ramseier, Jna. Sr.           T4S R44W
Ramseier, John Jr.           T4S R45W Res
Ramseier, John Sr.           T4S R45W
Ramseier, Mary               T4S R45W
Ramsey, C.D.                 T4N R48W
Ramsey, E.W.                 T2S R46W
Ramsey, J.E.                 T5N R46W
Ramsey, Rob't                T2N R45W Res
Ramsey, W.G.                 T4N R46W
Ramsey, W.G.                 T4N R47W
Randall, Rex                 T1S R47W
Ranum, Simon                 T5N R43W
Raschke, Fred                T1S R42W
Ratcliff, Edwin              T5S R43W
Ratcliff, Frank E.           T5S R43W
Ratcliff, U.G.               T5S R43W Res
Rathburn, E.B.               T5S R43W
Rawlins, Luke Mrs.           T1S R48W
Rawson, Chas.                T2N R46W
Rawson, E.E.                 T1N R46W
Rawson, E.E.                 T2N R46W
Rawson, John                 T2N R46W
Ray, Geo.                    T4N R47W Res
Reagan, D.                   T5N R48W
Reagan, Daniel               T5N R47W
Reams, O.F.                  T1S R48W
Rears, H.C.F.                T3N R44W
Rears, H.C.F.                T4N R44W
Reasoner Bros.               T3S R47W Res
Redding, O.R.                T3N R43W Res
Redhouse, Emma J.            T2S R46W
Redies, Chas.                T1S R42W
Reed, A.M.                   T2N R44W
Reed, Earl D.                T4N R42W
Reed, Isaac                  T3S R43W
Reed, R.M.                   T1N R44W
Reed, R.M.                   T4N R43W
Reed, W.S.                   T2S R42W
Reeder, Jas. A.              T2N R48W
Reeks, Bell                  T2N R45W
Reeks, Frank Est.            T2S R43W
Reimel, G.B.                 T5S R47W
Reinhold, A.A.               T5S R43W Res
Reinhold, M.M.               T5S R42W
Reinhold, M.M.               T5S R43W
Reitmeyer, Herman J.         T4S R43W Res
Remoners, Adda               T4S R46W
Renzelman, C. Jr.            T1N R44W
Renzelman, Conrad            T1N R44W
Renzelman, Conrad            T1S R44W
Renzelman, F.H.              T1N R44W Res
Renzelman, Henry             T1N R44W
Renzelman, Herman            T1N R44W
Renzelman, Herman            T1N R45W Res
Renzelman, W.G.              T1N R44W Res
Renzelman, Wm.               T1N R44W
Reppert, Susan               T3N R47W
Republican Cattle Co.        T5S R45W
Reynolds & Clapp             T2N R47W
Reynolds, Elizabeth          T5S R48W
Reynolds, J.                 T5N R48W
Reynolds, L.R.               T5S R48W
Reynolds, Townsend & Bodie   T2N R47W
Rezzer, W.M.                 T5S R46W Res
Rhodes, Alice M.             T4N R46W
Rhodes, David                T1S R45W
Rhodes, H.J.                 T1S R45W
Rhodes, J.A.                 T3N R43W
Rice & Churchill             T1S R45W
Rice, B.E.                   T5S R43W
Rice, J.W.                   T2N R48W
Richard, B.W.                T3S R48W Res
Richards, E.E.               T2N R43W
Richards, E.E.               T2N R44W
Richards, E.E.               T5N R47W
Richards, Herman             T2S R47W
Richards, J.W.               T2N R47W Res
Richards, Ray                T2N R43W
Richards, Shaford            T4S R43W
Richards, W.                 T3S R44W
Richards, W.C.               T4N R43W
Richardson, H.L.             T4N R47W
Richardson, J.G.             T2N R47W
Richardson, Jos. Mrs.        T2N R48W
Richardson, Royal            T2N R47W Res
Riche, R.C.                  T4N R43W
Richmond, Guy                T5N R44W
Richmond, J.I.W.             T3N R42W
Richmond, J.W.               T3N R42W Res
Richmond, J.W.               T4N R42W
Ridgeway, Anna-Georgia       T3S R48W Res
Ridgeway, Arlie Mrs.         T3N R46W
Ridgeway, B.E.               T1N R44W
Ridgeway, E.W.               T4S R46W
Ridlen, Geo. R.              T2N R42W
Riedesel, A.W.               T5S R45W
Riedesel, Albert             T5S R45W
Riedesel, F.J.               T5S R45W Res
Riedesel, Geo. W.            T5S R45W Res
Riedesel, John A.            T5S R45W
Rife, Elvira Est.            T1N R43W
Rife, Elvira Est.            T2N R43W
Rife, N.H.                   T2N R43W
Rife, W.G.                   Laird
Rife, W.H.                   T1N R42W
Rife, Wm.                    T1S R43W
Riffle, H.C.                 T1N R45W
Rigby, James                 T5N R47W
Rightsall, Olive             Wray
Riley, F.                    T1S R44W
Riley, Frank                 T1N R44W
Riley, R.F.                  T2S R46W
Riley, Sherman               T2S R46W
Rinne, F.A.                  T3N R48W
Ripper, Jessie L.            T3S R42W
Ripper, Karl J.              T3S R42W Res
Ritchey Hdw. Co.             T2N R48W
Ritchey, F.R.                T3N R48W
Ritchey, Hwde Co.            T1N R48W
Rittenbaugh, Nora            T5S R47W
Ritzen, E.A.                 T4N R47W
Robb, J.R.                   T3S R47W
Roberts, Buffer              T1N R42W
Roberts, Buffer              T1N R43W
Roberts, Buffer              T2N R42W
Roberts, Clyde               T1N R43W Res
Roberts, David               T2N R44W
Roberts, E.D.                T2N R43W
Roberts, E.D.                T4N R43W
Roberts, Geo.                T1N R43W
Roberts, Ola                 T2S R44W
Roberts, R.F.                Wray
Roberts, Roscoe              T1N R43W
Robertson, C.R.              T3N R47W
Robertson, W.E.              T5S R47W
Robertson, W.E.              T5S R48W
Robinson, B.C.               T4N R42W
Robinson, C.N.               T4N R42W Res
Robinson, Caroline           T4N R42W
Robinson, E.W.               T4N R42W Res
Robinson, J.A.               T4N R42W
Robinson, L.L.               T5N R48W
Rock, W.A.                   T2S R45W
Rockwell, A.A.               T1S R45W Res
Rockwell, R.J.               T1S R46W Res
Roe, Ed. A.                  T5N R42W
Roe, Jesse                   T1N R43W Res
Rogers, J.E.                 T3S R42W Res
Rogers, J.F.                 T3S R45W
Rogers, J.L.                 T5S R45W
Rogers, John F.              T2S R44W
Rogers, John F.              T3S R44W Res
Rogers, R.S.                 T5N R46W Res
Rogers, T.B.                 T1N R45W Res
Roggenbruck, George          T4N R47W
Rohrer, Gertie               T2N R45W
Rolow, Amelia A.             T4S R43W Res
Rolow, Amelia A.             T5S R43W
Rolow, J.E.                  T5S R42W
Rolow, J.F.                  T4S R43W
Rolow, James F.              T5S R43W
Rolow, John F.               T5S R43W Res
Romkee, Edith                T5S R45W
Romkee, Elsie                T4S R45W
Romkee, Elsie                T5S R45W
Romkee, Ernest               T5S R45W
Romkee, W.A.                 T5S R45W Res
Romkee, Wm.                  T5S R45W
Rooker, ?                    T3S R48W
Root, Carl A.                T5S R46W Res
Rorabaugh, A.J.              T1N R46W
Rorabaugh, A.L.              T1N R45W Res
Rose, H.B.                   T1N R42W
Rose, Pearl J.               T1S R42W
Rosenkrans, J.H.             T1S R42W
Rosenkrans, J.H.             T2S R42W
Rosenkrans, Myra D.          T1S R42W
Rosenkrans, W.T.             T1S R42W Res
Rosson, J.G.                 T2N R46W
Rothenberger, C.P.           T5N R44W
Rouse, Walter                T5N R47W
Rouselle, Richard            T5N R44W
Roush, Belle                 T1N R42W
Roush, Lawrence              T5N R44W
Rousselle, Camille           T5N R44W
Routon, Mary E.              T4N R46W
Rowan, S.O.                  T3N R44W
Rowe, Frank                  T4N R46W
Rowe, W.A. & Frank           T4N R46W
Rowley Bros.                 T4S R43W Res
Rowley, A.I.                 T4S R43W
Rowley, Austin I.            T3S R45W
Ruberg, Jas. L.              T5N R48W Res
Ruberg, Ricca                T5N R48W
Rueb, Wm. Jr.                T3S R42W Res
Rueb, Wm. Sr.                T3S R42W
Ruger, Wm.                   T4N R48W
Runkle, Alberta              T3S R47W
Rush, H.S.                   T2S R47W
Rush, S.H.                   T2S R48W
Rush, Valley                 T1N R47W
Rushford, Leta               T3S R42W
Russell, Earl W.             T5N R44W
Russell, James               T3N R47W
Russman, Roy                 T4S R43W Res
Rutherford Bros              T5N R46W
Rutherford, C.S.             T2S R47W
Rutledge, E.H.               T3S R45W
Ryan, Amos                   T1S R48W
Ryan, F.W.                   T1S R48W
Ryan, J.E.                   T2N R48W
Ryan, J.O., F.W. & A.M.      T1S R48W
Ryel, V.E.                   T5S R48W

  NAME                          MAP  
Sailor, Ella E.              T1S R47W
Salisbury, E.D.              Laird    Res
Salter, Morris               T1S R45W
Salvador, F.N.               T5N R46W Res
Salzman, C.F.                T2N R48W
Salzman, C.G.                T2N R48W
Salzman, F.R.                T2N R48W
Salzman, H.H.                T2N R48W Res
Sample, Dewey                T2N R42W
Sample, F.L. & Bertha        T1N R42W
Sample, Fred                 T1S R42W
Sample, R.H.                 T4N R46W
Sampson, Geo.                T3S R47W
Sanchez, M.L.                T2N R45W
Sand, W.                     Wray
Sanders, W.S.                T5N R48W
Sanderson, G.W. Heirs        T2S R46W
Sanderson, J.E.              T5N R45W Res
Sanderson, J.W.              T2S R46W
Sanderson, John              T2S R45W Res
Sauer, C.E.                  T1N R48W Res
Sauer, C.H.                  T1N R48W
Sawyer, A.J.                 T3N R48W
Sawyer, Chas.                T3N R45W
Sawyer, W.E.                 T2N R42W
Schaede, H.                  T3S R47W
Schaede, Henry               T3S R48W
Schaefer, J.E.               T3N R46W
Schafer, C.A.                T1S R44W
Schafer, Eli                 Wray
Schafer, H.W.                T1N R42W Res
Schaffer, Guy                T4S R45W
Schaffler, E.                T4S R45W
Schahrer, J.O.               T3S R43W
Schakel, J.H.                T2N R48W
Scheel, Emma                 T3N R47W
Scheel, Fred                 T3N R47W
Scheele, Benj.               T5N R48W
Scheele, Ernest Sr           T5N R48W
Scheible, M.A.               T3S R42W
Scheible, W.E.               T3S R42W
Scheible, Wm.                T4S R43W
Scheler, Jesse C.            T3N R43W Res
Scheler, Ray, H.             T3N R44W Res
Schelly, Lillian             T4N R43W
Schelly, Lillian             T4N R44W
Schelly, R.C.                T4N R44W
Schelly, Wm.                 T4N R44W
Schempf, Emma                T4N R48W
Schempp, Frank Est.          T2S R44W
Scherrup, Frank              T2S R45W
Schettler, H.C. Est.         T2N R45W
Schildmier, H.W.             T1S R44W Res
Schilling, Geo.              T1N R44W
Schilt, C.R.                 T3S R43W
Schlake, Henry               T4N R48W
Schlegel Bros.               T3N R47W
Schlegel, Jacob              T3N R47W Res
Schles, J.J. Est.            T3N R43W
Schmale, Augusta             T4N R48W
Schmale, H.F.                T4N R47W
Schmidt, C.P.                T3N R46W
Schmidt, C.P.                T4N R47W
Schmidt, C.P.                T5N R46W
Schmidt, Fedder J.           T3N R48W
Schmidt, Harry               Wray
Schmitz, O.J.                T1S R46W
Schmutle, Aug.               T4S R45W
Schmutte, R.H.               T4S R43W Res
Schnaltz, M.                 T3N R48W
Schneider Bros.              T2N R48W
Schneider, Lewis             T4S R44W
Schneider, Lewis             T5S R44W
Schnily, Lena                T1S R47W
Schosser, Louis              T2N R45W
Schosser, Louis              T2N R46W
Schramm Est.                 T2N R48W
Schroeder, G.A.              T5S R48W
Schroeder, H.W.              T1S R45W
Schroyer, Chas. W.           T3N R43W
Schroyer, J.L. Mrs.          T4N R43W
Schultz, A.F.                T3S R44W
Schultz, Wm. P.              T5N R44W
Schuricht, Chas. T.          T3S R42W
Schuricht, Ed.               T3S R42W Res
Schuricht, Ed. H.            T3S R42W
Schuricht, Martin            T3S R42W
Scofield, J.P.               T4S R48W
Scofield, J.P.               T5S R48W
Scofield, John W.            T4S R46W
Scofield, P.F. Jr.           T4S R47W
Scofield, P.F. Sr.           T4S R47W
Scofield, W.R.               T4S R46W
Scofield, W.R.               T4S R47W Res
Scofield, W.S.               T4S R47W Res
Scott, C. Blaine             T3S R44W
Scott, C. Blaine             T3S R45W Res
Scott, Florence              T4S R42W
Scott, Frank                 T1N R47W
Scott, K.                    T5S R46W
Scott, L.C.                  T4N R46W
Scott, L.R.                  T3S R43W
Scott, L.R.                  T3S R44W
Scott, L.R.                  T4S R43W
Scott, L.R.                  T4S R44W
Scott, L.R.                  T4S R44W
Scott, L.R.                  T4S R45W
Scott, M.K.                  T3S R43W
Scott, M.K.                  T4S R43W
Scott, M.K.                  T4S R45W
Scott, Minnie K.             T4S R44W
Scott, Minnie K.             T4S R45W
Scott, Minnie K.             T4S R46W
Scott, Minnie K.             T5S R44W
Scott, Minnie K.             T5S R47W
Scott, V.A.                  T3N R42W Res
Scriver, A.G.                T1S R46W
Scruby, Fred                 Kirk
Scudder, Melissa             T3N R43W
Scudder, R.L.                T3N R43W
Seaman, P.H.                 T5S R47W
Searls, W.H.                 T2N R48W
See, Henry                   T4S R46W
Seedorf, Emil                T3N R48W
Seide, H.G.                  T3N R46W
Seide, H.G.                  T3N R47W
Seipel, E.J.                 T3N R46W
Selby, J.L.                  T1N R44W Res
Sellers, Nelson              T3N R43W
Sellings, E.K.               T2N R42W
Serl, W.H.                   T1N R46W
Setpel, Albert P.            T4N R46W
Seward, M.W.                 T2N R42W Res
Seward, S.W.                 T1N R42W
Seward, S.W.                 T2N R42W
Seward, S.W. & Anna          T1S R42W
Sewell, G.A.                 T2N R47W
Sexton, Effie R.             T1N R45W
Sexton, Rosa B.              T5S R48W
Shada, C.F.                  T3N R48W
Shafer, G.F.                 T1N R42W Res
Shafer, H.A.                 T1S R44W
Shanklin, Margaret           T5S R46W
Shannon, C.R.                T5N R48W
Shapard, B.F.                T3N R45W Res
Sharp, C.B.                  T5S R48W
Shaver, Herman               T3S R43W
Shaw, Alex                   T4S R47W Res
Shaw, Ira                    T5N R42W
Shaw, Ira                    T5N R43W
Shaw, J.S.                   Kirk
Shaw, J.S.                   T4S R47W
Shaw, John                   T4S R47W
Shaw, John & James           T5N R43W
Shaw, Mary E.                T5N R42W
Shaw, Mary E.                T5N R43W
Shaw, Ross                   T5N R42W
Shaw, Ross                   T5N R43W Res
Shaw, W.C.                   T1N R47W
Shea, A.E.                   T1N R46W
Shea, A.E.                   T2N R46W
Shea, Arthur                 T2N R48W
Shea, C.F.                   T1N R46W Res
Shea, D.F.                   T2N R48W
Shea, Daniel                 T2N R47W
Shea, Daniel                 T2N R48W
Shea, Daniel                 T4N R48W
Shea, Dennis Est.            T3N R48W
Shea, Emma                   T3S R42W
Shea, John                   T2N R48W
Shea, P.H.                   T2N R48W
Sheard, C.                   T4S R48W
Sheard, C.                   T5S R48W
Sheard, F.E.                 T4S R48W
Sheard, J.S.                 T5S R46W
Sheard, P.                   T4S R48W
Sheets, W.C.                 T1S R48W
Sheible, M.A.                T3S R43W
Sheldon, C.A.                T1N R45W
Sheldon, C.A.                T2N R45W
Sheldon, Howard              T4N R42W
Sheldon, J.V.                T4N R42W Res
Shelters Seland Co.          T4N R48W
Shelters Selander Co.        T4N R47W
Shelters, F.L.               T3S R48W
Shelton, E.R.                T2N R44W Res
Shelton, E.R.                T2S R42W
Shepherd, G.S.               T3S R43W Res
Sher, M.L.F.                 T1S R43W
Sheridan, Fred               T4N R44W Res
Sherrer Land & Inv Co.       T5S R45W
Sherrup, Emma                T1N R48W
Sheverbush, W.A.             T4S R44W Res
Shields, C.D.                T4S R45W
Shields, Chas. D.            T3S R45W
Shier, Benj.                 T3S R43W
Shimpdecker, Clarence        T4N R48W
Shirkey, L.E.                T4S R43W
Shively, A.A.                T2S R45W
Shively, A.L.                T2S R44W
Shively, A.L.                T2S R45W
Shively, Anna                T1S R47W
Shively, B.F. Est.           T5S R48W
Shively, Floyd               T2S R45W
Shively, Floyd               T3S R44W
Shively, W.H.                T1S R47W
Shivley, F.L.                T1S R45W
Shivley, Oliver F.           T3N R44W
Shivley, Wm.                 T1S R45W
Shockley, Jos.               T4N R46W
Sholes, O.H.                 T4N R44W
Sholes, O.H.                 T5N R44W Res
Short, Geo.                  T1N R44W
Short, Geo.                  T1N R45W
Short, W.E. Mrs.             T5N R47W
Shriner, Harry               T2N R43W
Shroyer, J.E. Mrs.           T3N R43W
Shroyer, Julia Mrs.          T4N R43W Res
Shroyer, M.E.                T4N R43W
Shroyer, Willis              T4N R43W
Shuel, Abner & Son           T2S R43W
Shuel, Irving Mrs.           T2S R42W
Shuel, Jno.                  T2S R43W
Shuel, John                  T1S R43W
Shumaker, O.E.               T3S R42W Res
Sickler, M.E. Mrs.           T1S R42W
Sickmon, N.E.                T2N R48W
Sieck, Minnie                T4S R43W
Siemers, H.W.                T1S R46W
Sigler, H.D.                 T4N R43W Res
Sigwing, Chas.               T1N R47W
Sigwing, F.                  T1S R45W
Sigwing, R.R.                T3S R45W
Silver, N.B.                 T2S R46W
Silvius, G.D.                T2S R46W
Silvius, J.S.                T2S R46W
Simmons, Wm.                 T2S R44W Res
Simon, L.E.                  T5N R47W
Simpson, J.A.                T2N R47W
Sims, Earl                   T5N R48W
Sipple, C.A.                 T5N R47W
Sipple, Ray                  T5N R47W Res
Sisson, W.A.                 T1N R45W Res
Sisson, W.A.                 T3N R45W
Sizer, J.                    T2N R47W
Skinner, John R.             T4N R45W
Slayton, D.F.                T2S R43W
Sleyter, S.M.                T1S R44W
Slick, J.H.                  T1S R44W
Slocum, A.                   T2S R44W
Smart, E.H.                  T5N R46W
Smart, Ernest H.             T5N R46W
Smiley, H.J.                 T2N R47W Res
Smiley, J.H.                 T1N R47W Res
Smith, ? Mrs.                T4S R45W
Smith, Alfred                T5N R48W
Smith, Alsey                 T2N R47W
Smith, B.A.                  T2S R48W
Smith, B.F.                  T3S R47W
Smith, C.A.                  T3S R48W
Smith, Chas.                 T2N R46W Res
Smith, Clark D.              T2S R45WT
Smith, D.J.                  T2N R46W
Smith, E.J. & Nettie         T4S R47W
Smith, Elizabeth             T4S R45W
Smith, Emma                  T2N R47W
Smith, Ernest                T2S R43W Res
Smith, G.A.                  T3S R47W
Smith, Harry                 T2S R48W
Smith, Homer D.              T1N R44W Res
Smith, Ida A.                T5S R48W
Smith, Isaac                 T4S R43W
Smith, J.B.                  T5S R47W
Smith, J.C.                  T1N R47W
Smith, J.E.                  T1N R44W
Smith, J.E.                  T5S R47W
Smith, J.N.                  T5S R45W
Smith, J.W.                  T1S R43W Res
Smith, John                  T2N R42W
Smith, John                  T2S R47W
Smith, John H.               T1N R48W
Smith, Jos.                  T4N R45W
Smith, Louis E.              T5S R47W
Smith, Mary                  T3S R47W
Smith, Mary Susan            T1S R43W
Smith, Nettie                T3S R47W
Smith, Nevada                T1N R44W
Smith, Ray L.                T4S R48W Res
Smith, S.D.                  T5S R43W
Smith, Ted                   T2N R43W Res
Smith, Viola W.              T1S R46W
Smith, W.E.                  T5N R48W
Smith, W.H.                  T2S R42W
Smith, W.S.                  T3S R48W
Smith, W.V.                  T5N R47W Res
Smith, Wm.                   T2N R43W
Smith, Wm. J.                T1N R45W
Smithson, N.C.               T3N R45W Res
Smithson, Nina               T3N R45W
Smithson, Ruben              T4N R45W
Smtih, A.M.                  T2N R47W
Smythe, Ida J. Est.          T5S R47W
Snelling, A.W.               T3N R46W
Snodgrass, P.W.              T1S R46W
Soehner, A.L.                T5S R46W
Soehner, C.F.                T3S R43W Res
Soehner, F.H.                T3S R43W
Soehner, L.O.                T3S R43W Res
Soehner, M.C. & L.O.         T3S R43W
Soensen, Kate                T4N R48W
Sommers, Cath. Est.          T4N R46W
Soule, Andrew H.             T4S R45W
Soule, C.E.                  T3N R43W
Southards, L.V.              T4S R47W
Southwell, C.P.              T3S R47W
Southwell, J.A.              T3S R44W
Southwell, J.W.              T3S R47W
Southwell, John A.           T2S R45W Res
Southwell, S.S. Mrs.         T3S R47W
Spaniel, John                T4N R48W
Spanjer, A.                  T5N R47W
Sparkes, Grace V.            T5S R42W
Spaur, N.G.                  T4N R47W
Speicher, E.M.               T1N R44W
Speicher, F.E.               T5N R44W
Speicher, F.E.               T5N R45W
Speicher, J.C.               T4N R44W
Speicher, V.E.               T5N R44W
Spellman, G.W.               T4N R42W Res
Spellman, J.W.               T4N R42W Res
Spelts, C.H.                 T4N R46W
Spelts, F.D.                 T5N R46W Res
Spelts, J.R.                 T4N R46W
Spelts, Leroy                T4N R47W Res
Spelts, Leroy                T5N R47W
Spelts, Myrtle               T5N R46W
Spelts, W.C.                 T4N R46W
Spence, E.H.                 T2S R44W
Spencer, W.M. Heirs          T5N R45W
Spiers, H.                   T1N R45W
Spivey, C.E.                 T1S R44W
Spriggle                     T5S R45W
Spriggle, L.O.               T5S R47W
Spring, Albert               T5S R44W Res
Spring, Robert               T4S R44W Res
Sprout, E.W.                 T1N R48W
Sprout, E.W.                 T2N R47W
Sprout, Ernest               T2N R45W
Spurling, Ira                T5S R47W
Spurling, Ira                T5S R48W Res
Staffett, Hilda              T4S R46W
Stafford, Paul               T4N R47W
Stahley, D.                  T2N R47W
Stalker, W.R.                T5S R48W
Stallard, C.E. Mrs.          T5S R46W
Stallard, Stella             T5S R45W
Stallings, O.E.              T1N R47W
Stallings, Oren E.           T1N R46W
Stallings, Oren E.           T1N R47W
Stallsworth, O.C.            T1S R48W
Stallsworth, S.              T3N R46W Res
Stambaugh, W.F.              T2S R44W
Stanberry, C.H.              T1N R47W Res
Stark, Roy                   T2N R46W
Starkey, J.B.                T4N R43W
Starling, B.A.               T1S R45W
Starling, B.A.               T2N R43W
Starling, J.B.               T1N R44W
Starling, S.P.               T1N R43W
Starling, S.P.               T2N R42W
Starnes, John                T1S R42W
Starting, J.P.               T2N R44W
State Line Ranch             T3S R42W
State Line Reservoir Farm    T1N R42W
Stebbins, M.I.               T1N R47W
Stebbins, M.I.               T2N R47W
Stecker, C.H.                T4N R45W
Stecker, C.H.                T5N R45W Res
Stecker, Z.E. Mrs.           T5N R45W
Steele, Blanch               T3N R42W
Steele, E.C.                 T3N R43W
Steele, H.L.                 T2N R48W
Stein, Catherine             T3N R47W
Stein, Edmund H.             T3N R47W
Stein, Herman                T3N R47W
Stein, Herman & Edmund       T3N R48W
Steiner, Chas.               T3S R43W Res
Steinke, Henry & John        T4N R42W
Stenberg, Gust E.            T5N R48W Res
Stenson, R.E.                T5N R48W
Stephens, H.P.               T2S R44W
Stephens, Harry C.           T4N R48W
Stephenson, Charles          T1S R47W
Stepp, Ralph Mrs.            T2S R45W
Sterling, J.C.               T3N R42W Res
Sterling, J.C.               T3N R43W
Sterling, J.C.               T3N R44W
Stevens & Hollingsworth      T1S R47W
Stevens, E.W.                T1S R46W
Stevens, Jesse               T2S R45W
Stevens, R.E.                T1S R45W Res
Stevens, Viola               T1S R45W
Stevens, W.L.                T3N R48W
Stevenson, H.F.              T1S R47W Res
Stevenson, J.H.              T1N R48W
Stevenson, J.H.              T4N R47W Res
Stevenson, W.L.              T3N R48W
Stewart, B.F.                T2S R44W
Stewart, R.W.                T1S R43W Res
Stiles, Denny                T3S R47W
Stiles, Jno.                 T3S R48W
Stiles, John                 T3S R47W Res
Stiles, John                 T3S R48W
Stoddard, America            T5S R46W
Stoltz, G.E.                 T5N R47W
Stone, E.H.                  T3N R46W
Stone, Geo.                  T3N R45W
Stone, Geo.                  T3N R46W
Stone, H.N. Heirs            T2N R45W
Storie, J.A.                 T4S R43W
Storm, Grace E.              T4N R48W
Stothard, J.E.               T4S R42W
Stout, Nancy Heirs           T5N R44W
Stout, R.C.                  T5N R44W
Stout, Wm.                   T5N R44W
Strangways, H.F.             T2S R43W
Stratton, W.S.               T1N R47W
Stratton, W.S.               T2N R47W
Stratton, W.S.               T5N R47W
Strawder, Oliver             T2N R47W Res
Strawder, Oliver             T3N R47W
Strawder, W.T.               T2N R47W Res
Street, J.E.                 T5S R46W
Street, Ora                  T4S R46W
Strick, J.J.                 T5S R46W
Stricker, Bert               T3N R46W
Stricker, Bert.              T3N R47W
Stringham, Isaac             T5S R44W
Stringham, Jas. Est.         T5S R44W
Stroch, E.F.                 T4N R47W
Strom, C.A.                  T1S R48W
Strong, Ella                 T5N R48W
Strong, Fred C.              T1S R48W
Strong, J.E.                 T5N R48W
Stroup, J.E.                 T5N R44W Res
Struble, P.S.                T5N R45W
Stubbs, Marie                T2N R45W
Stuck, B.W.                  T1N R46W
Stuck, B.W. & A.E.           T1N R47W
Stuck, B.W. & A.F.           T1N R46W
Stuck, U.L.                  T1N R46W Res
Stuckey, Loren Est.          T1S R44W
Stull, Wm.                   T4N R46W
Stults, M.                   T1S R44W
Sturgeon, W.J.               T4N R43W Res
Sturgeon, W.J.               T4N R44W
Sturm & Jackson              T3N R45W
Stuteville, Homer M.         T2S R44W Res
Stuthert, Julius F.          T5S R44W Res
Styer, Albert                Wray
Sullivan, E.J.               T2N R46W
Sullivan, P.J.               T1N R43W
Sullivan, P.J.               T3S R43W
Sullivan, P.J.               T3S R44W
Summers, Calvin              T3N R46W
Summers, H.M.                T5S R46W
Summers, Thos.               T3N R47W
Sunnyside Farm               T2N R47W
Surratt, Arthur              T2N R45W Res
Surratt, Arthur              T2S R48W
Surratt, C.W.                T2N R45W Res
Suthard, C.E.                T2N R44W
Swain, Peter                 T5S R47W
Swan, John A.                T1N R48W
Swanson, Gilbert E.          T2S R42W
Swazer, Rosa                 T4S R42W
Sweazy, C.M.                 T2S R44W
Swedlund, J.A.               T5N R46W
Sweet, James                 T5S R48W Res
Sweet, Nellie M.             T5S R48W
Swink, G.W.                  T4S R45W
Sylvester, J.F.              T5N R47W
Sylvester, J.V.              T4N R47W

  NAME                          MAP  
Tabor, Harold A.             T1N R43W Res
Tabor, Laura                 T5N R44W
Tamm, Chas.                  T2N R48W
Tanner, John                 T1S R48W
Tarrant, Fred K.             T2N R48W
Tarrant, W.P.                T2N R47W
Tatum, G.O.                  T2S R45W
Tatum, G.O.                  T3S R45W
Tavenner, C.R.               T1S R43W
Taylor, Byron                T4S R48W
Taylor, Eva                  T5S R42W
Taylor, Fred A.              T3N R46W Res
Taylor, Herschel L.          T4N R45W Res
Taylor, J.O.                 T5S R44W
Taylor, Jasper               T5S R43W Res
Taylor, M.A.                 T4N R43W
Taylor, M.A.                 T5N R43W
Taylor, P.R.                 T1S R46W Res
Taylor, S.D.                 T2N R43W Res
Taylor, Thos. H.             T4N R45W
Taylor, W.H.                 T5S R45W
Taylor, W.R.                 T2N R43W
Tegner, Chas.                T4S R42W
Tegner, Clara                T4S R42W
Tegner, Clara                T5S R42W
Teicher, H. Mrs.             T2S R42W
Teichert, H. Mrs.            T1S R42W
Temporial, Harry             T5S R47W
Tener, W.H.                  T3N R48W
Tersey, Dorthy               T2S R45W
Theobald, Bertha             T1N R48W
Theobald, Chas.              T1S R43W
Thomas, A.W.                 T2S R46W Res
Thomas, Albert C.            T1N R45W
Thomas, C.A.                 T1S R45W
Thomas, C.A.                 T2N R44W Res
Thomas, Christie M.          T2N R44W
Thomas, Christie M.          T2N R45W
Thomas, Harry L.             T5S R44W Res
Thomas, J.L.                 T5N R47W
Thomas, James                T3N R44W
Thomas, James Edwin          T5N R43W Res
Thomas, John                 T3S R46W
Thomas, Lydia                T5S R44W Res
Thomas, Minnie               T2S R44W
Thompson, A.P.               T2S R44W
Thompson, Catherine D.       T1S R48W
Thompson, E.O.               T4S R48W
Thompson, G.W.               T4S R42W Res
Thompson, H.M.               T4S R42W
Thompson, Henry              T1S R48W
Thompson, Henry              T5N R45W
Thompson, Henry              T5N R47W Res
Thompson, Jacob              T1N R44W
Thompson, Jens               T1S R48W
Thompson, Lee                T1N R44W Res
Thompson, W.A.               T4S R47W Res
Thompson, Wm. B.             T4S R42W
Thomson, Geo. R.             T4S R48W Res
Thornton, Burr               T3S R47W
Thrasher, Ida                T4S R47W
Thrasher, Ida                T5S R47W
Thurber, R.H.                T2N R48W
Tibbets, J.W.                T5S R43W
Tietke, A.G. Mrs.            T4S R44W
Tietke, C.A. Mrs.            T4S R44W
Tighe, M.J.                  T2N R48W
Tilton, W.J.                 T5N R46W
Tindell, J.A.                T2N R47W
Tinsley, C. Mrs.             T1S R43W
Tinsley, Chas. Mrs.          T1S R42W
Tippen, A.E. Heirs           T1N R44W
Tipton, Ivus T.              T4S R46W
Titterington, L.J. Est.      T3N R48W
Titus, Mary E.               T5N R42W
Tobias, Geo. W.              T4S R45W
Toews, J.N.                  T5S R47W Res
Toews, Peter                 T5S R47W
Tofflemayer, J.W.            T3N R43W
Tofflemeyer J.W.             T2N R43W
Tombaugh, L.A.               T4N R45W
Toner, John                  T1N R44W
Toner, John Est.             T1N R44W
Toner, V.                    T1N R45W
Toner, Wm.                   T1N R44W
Townsdin, Orpha              T2N R42W
Townsdin, Orpha              T3N R42W
Townsdin, W.H.               T2N R42W Res
Townsdin, W.H.               T3N R42W
Townsend, Bodie & Reynolds   T2N R47W
Townsend, G.E.               T5N R46W
Tracy, A.E.                  T5N R48W
Tramp, Charles               T3N R48W
Trapp, P.L. & M.             T3N R46W
Trauernicht, Jno. P.         T5N R48W
Trauernicht, P.T.            T5N R47W
Trauernicht, Thos.           T5N R48W Res
Trautman, Peter              T3N R48W Res
Trautman, Wm.                T4N R48W
Travis, H.B. & E.W           T5N R43W
Trembly, J.N.                T1S R42W
Trembly, V.M.                T1S R42W
Tribbett, Claude             T4N R48W
Tribett, N.G.                T3N R48W
Trierweiler, J.M.            T5N R43W
Trimble, Jennie              T5S R46W
Trosper, B.F.                T3S R43W
Truck, M.G.                  T2S R47W Res
Truman, L.F.                 T1N R45W Res
Truman, L.H.                 T1N R45W
Trunde, Anton                T4N R47W
Trunde, John                 T4N R47W Res
Tucker, G.B.                 T4S R48W
Tucker, Lloyd                T2S R46W
Tuell, John                  T1S R46W
Turman, Austine              T4N R45W
Turman, F.E.                 T4N R45W
Turman, Fred E.              T4N R44W
Turman, Fred E.              T4N R45W Res
Turman, S.E.                 T4N R45W
Turman, Sophie               T3N R45W
Turman, Sophie               T4N R45W
Turnbull, Ed. M.             T1N R48W
Turner, Albert               T5N R47W
Turner, B.E.                 T2N R43W
Turner, E.O.                 T5N R44W
Turner, E.R.                 T5N R48W
Turner, H.O.                 T2S R48W
Turner, John M.              T5N R46W
Turner, Naomi                T5S R42W
Turner, S.S.                 T4N R42W Res
Turner, W.A.                 T5N R48W
Tuthill, Frank               T5N R48W
Tuttle, J.E.                 T3S R48W Res
Twiss, Edw. C.               T4N R44W Res
Twiss, Robert                T4N R45W Res
Tyler, A.A.                  T5S R46W
Tyson, E.C.                  T2N R47W

  NAME                          MAP  
Uber, J.F.                   T4S R48W
Uber, L. Mrs.                T4S R48W
Uebel, L.W.                  T4S R43W
Uerling, F.P.                T5N R46W
Umhauf, Herman               T5N R47W
Unbehaun J.J.                T3N R47W
Underdown, A.H.              T2N R46W
Underdown, J.W.              T1N R46W
Underdown, P.L.              T2N R46W
Underdown, Wm.               T1N R46W
Unger, C.F.                  T2N R45W Res
Upchurch, W.D.               T5S R46W

  NAME                          MAP  
Valley Stock Farm            T3S R43W
Valley View Stock Ranch      T2N R43W
Van Winkle, Grace            T5S R47W
Vance, Jno. R.               T4N R46W
Vance, John R.               T3N R46W
Vandergrift, DeRoy           T4S R43W Res
Vandergrift, M.B.            T4S R43W Res
Vanderpool, D.I.             T3S R46W
Vanderpool, Elvira           T4S R46W
Vanderpool, M.V.             T3S R46W
Vandyke, Albert              T3S R42W
VanDyke, Frank               T2S R42W
Vandyke, John                T3S R42W
VanHorn, Raymond             T3N R46W
Vanmeter, D.T.               T3N R45W
Varner, Florence             T4N R48W
Vaughn, E.H.                 T1S R43W
Vaughn, Enos H.              T1S R44W
Vaughn, Hugh                 T5S R48W
Veal, R.E.                   T4N R43W
Veazey, C.A. Mrs.            T1N R44W
Vedder, Maude                T3N R47W
Veiselmeyer, F.W.            T4N R47W
Veitz, J.                    T2S R43W
Vibber, John                 T2S R48W
Vorce, Bert                  T1S R48W
Voris, F.C.                  T2N R48W
Votaw, H.E.                  T5N R46W
Votaw, H.E.                  T5N R47W
Vounaux, Alfred              T5N R47W

  NAME                          MAP  
Wade, S.C.                   T2N R42W Res
Waechter, A.N.               T2N R48W Res
Wages, R.O.                  T3N R42W
Waggener, E.E.               T2N R43W Res
Wagner Realty Co             T5N R48W
Wagner, A.E.                 T5N R47W
Wagner, J.F.                 T2N R43W Res
Wagner, R.                   T2N R47W
Wagner, Richard              T2N R47W
Wagner, Wm.                  T2N R47W
Wagoner, August              T2S R44W
Waite, Malcolm               T5N R46W Res
Wakefield & Weaver           T3S R45W
Wakefield, A.J.              T2S R44W
Wakefield, Arch              T2S R45W Res
Wakefield, James F.          T1S R46W Res
Walchle, Florence            T4N R43W Res
Walchle, John                T4N R43W
Walcott, J.                  T5N R43W Res
Walcott, J. & G.             T5N R43W
Walcott, John & Grace L.     T5N R43W
Walcott, M.J.                T5N R43W
Walden, Elva                 T1S R47W
Walden, Rob't L.             T1N R43W Res
Walden, Vance                T1S R47W
Walderon, R.H.               T3N R46W
Wales, C.A.                  T2S R45W
Walker, C.F.                 T1N R45W
Walker, C.M.                 T4N R48W
Walker, Chas.                T3N R45W
Walker, Emil Est.            T5N R44W
Wall, W.E.                   T2S R48W
Wallace, Leo                 T4S R42W Res
Wallin, C.F.                 T3N R45W Res
Walsh, W.J.                  T2N R46W
Walter, C.O.                 T1N R46W
Walter, Clark O.             T1N R46W Res
Walter, Geo.                 T5N R44W
Walter, Roy R.               T5N R44W
Walter, W.A.                 T3S R42W
Walter, Wm. A.               T3S R43W
Walters, Clark               T1S R45W
Walthal, Eugine              T4N R44W
Walthall, E.W.               T4N R44W
Walton, Chas. E.             T5N R45W
Ward, D.B.                   T1S R44W Res
Ward, D.B.                   T1S R45W
Ward, M.H.                   T1N R44W
Ward, Nathen                 T2S R48W
Ware, John F.                T1S R48W Res
Warkentin, Abe               T4S R47W
Warkentin, B. Est.           T4S R47W
Warkentin, Bernhard Est.     T4S R47W
Warkentin, Edw.              T4S R47W
Warkentin, Edw.              T4S R48W
Warkentin, G.D.              T4S R47W
Warkerten, B.S.              T5S R47W
Warner, Isabella             T3S R48W
Warner, J.W.                 T3S R45W
Warner, Wm. E.               T4S R45W
Warren, E.J.                 T2N R48W
Warren, S.J.                 T2S R48W
Wassen, T.E.                 T4S R42W
Wasson, Frank                T4S R43W
Wasson, M.E. Mrs.            T3S R48W
Wasson, W.H.                 T4N R42W
Waters, A.L.                 T3N R45W
Waters, Albert               T3N R46W
Waters, Albert               T4N R47W
Waters, E.L.                 T2N R46W
Waters, E.L.                 T2N R47W
Waters, E.L.                 T3N R46W
Waters, E.L.                 T3N R47W
Waters, E.L. Mrs.            T3N R46W
Waters, George               T3N R47W
Waters, Harry                T3N R45W
Waters, J.H. Est.            T1N R42W
Waters, J.T.                 T1N R42W
Waters, Philip               T2N R47W
Waters, W.L.                 T1N R42W
Waters, W.L.                 Wray
Watkins Real Est. & Imp. Co. T4S R42W
Watkins, L.A.                T4S R45W
Watmore, Edw.                T5S R48W
Watmore, Mary C.             T5S R48W
Watson, J.H.                 T1N R47W
Watson, J.L. Mrs.            T1N R47W Res
Watson, James                T4N R48W
Watson, M.E. Mrs.            T4S R48W
Watson, M.F.                 T4S R48W
Watson, O.H.                 T1N R46W
Watson, O.H.                 T1S R46W
Watson, Pearl                T1N R46W
Watts, F.P.                  T5S R46W
Watts, Fred P.               T4S R46W
Wead, June                   T3N R42W
Wear, B.M.                   T3N R48W
Weaver, ?                    T4S R48W
Weaver, Chas. W.             T2S R45W
Weaver, Clark G.             T5S R48W
Weaver, E.F.                 T5S R47W Res
Weaver, Geo.                 T5S R48W
Weaver, L.F.                 T2S R44W
Weaver, L.F.                 T2S R45W
Weaver, O.T.                 T1S R45W
Weaver, O.T.                 T2S R45W
Weaver, O.T.                 T3S R45W
Weaver, P.L.                 T2S R44W Res
Weaver, P.L. & O.T.          T2S R45W
Weaver, R.O.                 T2S R47W
Weaver, S.M.                 T5S R47W Res
Weaver, S.M.                 T5S R48W
Weaver, Thomas G.            T5S R47W
Weber, Carl E.               T2S R47W
Weed, J.P.                   T3N R42W
Weed, W.H. & T.E.            T2N R42W
Weekley, I.W.                T4N R46W
Weekley, JW., R.H. & M.L.    T4N R46W
Weekley, M.L.                T4N R46W
Weekley, Ralph & Mary        T2N R47W
Weeks & Haver                T3N R46W
Weeks, Wm. B.                T2N R47W
Wegner, A.H.                 T2N R48W
Weiler, W.H.                 T3N R47W
Weing, E.D. Mrs.             T5S R48W
Weins, John                  T4S R46W
Weir, Enos B.                T2S R48W
Weir, Geo. B.                T5N R44W
Weir, Geo. B.                T5N R45W
Weir, Jas. S.                T3S R45W
Weir, W.H.                   T2S R48W
Weir, W.H.                   T3S R48W
Weislogel, J.A.              T2S R44W Res
Welch, Chas. E.              T4S R43W Res
Welch, W.H.                  T4S R43W
Weldon, W.T.                 T4N R48W
Weller, W.J.                 T1N R43W
Weller, W.J.                 T1S R43W
Weller, W.J.                 Wray     Res
Wells, Art                   T1N R43W
Wells, D.E.                  T1N R43W Res
Wells, H.J.                  T3N R43W
Wells, Kate                  T1N R43W
Wells, Ray                   T1N R43W Res
Wells, Ray                   T3N R43W
Wells, Ray                   T4N R43W
Welp, H.H.                   T1S R44W
Welp, Henry                  T1S R45W
Welp, T.H.                   T1S R44W
Wendish, Peter               T1N R48W
Wenger, Wm.                  T3N R47W
Wertz, M. Mrs.               T4N R46W
West, L.C.                   T3N R48W
West, Pauline                T1S R42W
Westfall, Geo.               T5S R43W
Westfall, Vincent            T5S R43W Res
Weston, F.J.                 T5N R46W
Weston, F.J.                 T5N R47W Res
Weyerman, Gottfried          T5S R43W
Weyerman, Gottfried          T5S R44W Res
Wheatley, Geo.               T5N R43W
Wheatley, Roy                T5N R43W Res
Wheatly, Arthur              T5N R44W
Wheeland, Geo.               T2N R45W
Wheeland, Geo.               T2N R46W
Wheeler, E.H.                T4S R48W
Wheeler, Fay C.              T2S R47W
Wheeler, Frances E.          T5S R47W
Wheeler, Jesse J.            T3S R48W
Wheeler, John H.             T3S R46W Res
Wheeler, P.N.                T2S R45W Res
Whipple, Ira J.              T5S R42W
Whisler, D.R.                T1S R46W Res
Whisler, S.                  T2N R46W
White, A.E.                  T1S R46W
White, Addie                 T5N R46W
White, David                 T4S R42W Res
White, David                 T4S R43W
White, Dell                  T1N R46W
White, Dell                  T1S R46W
White, H.W.                  T3S R44W
White, J.E.                  T1S R48W Res
Whitney, C.H.                T5S R48W
Whitney, S.                  T5N R45W
Whitney, Susie               T5N R45W
Whittenberg, Thos.           T3N R46W
Whittenburg, Roscoe          T1S R46W Res
Whomble, C.D.                T1S R43W
Whomble, C.D.                T2S R43W
Whomble, John T.             T2S R43W Res
Whyte, Grace                 T1S R43W
Whyte, J.C.                  T1S R43W Res
Whyte, John Sr.              T1S R43W
Whyte, Mabel                 T1S R43W
Widgery, Arthur J.           T3S R47W Res
Widgery, Oliver              T3S R47W
Widsom, John                 T1N R46W
Wikkes, L.E.P.               T5N R48W
Wilber, John                 T1N R44W
Wilcox, T.C.                 T5N R46W
Wilcoxen, T.W.               T4S R45W
Wilder, Bessie               T5S R47W
Wildman, E.A.                T1S R46W
Wildman, J.E.                T1S R46W Res
Wildman, J.E.                T2S R46W
Wildman, J.E.                T3S R46W
Wiley, Everett L.            T4S R42W Res
Wiley, H.P.                  T4S R42W Res
Wilford, G.A.                T2N R46W
Wilhelm, H.J.                T4S R48W
Wilkerson, S.A.              T1N R43W
Wilkerson, S.A.              T4N R46W
Wilkins, A.N.                T3N R43W Res
Wilkins, J.W.                T3N R44W
Wilkins, J.W.                T4N R44W
Wilkins, Jane W.             T3N R44W
Wilkins, W.I.                T3N R43W
Williams, A.B.               T5S R42W
Williams, Bros.              Kirk
Williams, C.F.               T4S R48W
Williams, Carl D.            T3S R47W
Williams, Carl D. Mrs.       T3S R47W
Williams, F.B.               T1N R42W
Williams, G.W. & R.R.        T2S R48W
Williams, H.                 T4S R48W
Williams, J.A.               T5N R42W
Williams, J.I.               T5N R43W
Williams, J.M.               T3N R46W
Williams, J.P.               T2N R47W
Williams, James M. & Sarah C.T4N R46W Res
Williams, John I.            T5N R42W Res
Williams, John I.            T5N R43W
Williams, L.F.               T1N R45W
Williams, Samuel             Wray
Williams, Sarah C.           T3N R46W
Willibey, E.L. Est.          T1S R47W
Willibey, Roy                T1S R47W
Willis, Fern                 T4N R44W
Willis, Jeanette             T4N R43W
Willoughby, James            T3S R44W
Willoughby, Jas. W.          T3S R45W
Wilson, A.J.                 T2N R44W Res
Wilson, B.E.                 T5N R48W
Wilson, B.F.                 T1S R45W
Wilson, C.S.                 T2S R48W
Wilson, Chas.                T1N R47W
Wilson, Chas. B.             T4N R42W
Wilson, Chas. B.             T4N R43W
Wilson, Chas. B.             T5N R43W
Wilson, Estie E.             T5N R48W
Wilson, Frank                T2S R48W
Wilson, Geo. R.              T1N R46W
Wilson, H.A.                 T2N R44W
Wilson, Irena                T4S R47W
Wilson, J.E.                 T2S R48W
Wilson, J.F.                 T2N R44W Res
Wilson, J.M.                 T2S R48W
Wilson, Jesse W.             T5S R45W Res
Wilson, M.A.                 T3N R47W Res
Wilson, Orin                 T4N R42W Res
Wilson, R.K.                 T3N R45W
Wilson, Roy O.               T2N R45W
Wilson, Roy O.               T3N R45W
Wilson, W.E.                 T5N R48W
Wilson, W.F.                 T1S R48W
Wiltfang, Geo.               T1S R44W
Wimmer, Burr Est.            T1S R43W
Winegar, A.W.                T5S R44W
Winegar, A.W.                T5S R45W
Winey, L.C.                  T4N R48W
Winfrey, E.N.                T5S R43W
Wingfield, J.E.              T2S R44W Res
Wingfield, J.E.              T2S R45W
Wingfield, J.E.              T2S R47W
Wingfield, J.E. Mrs.         T2S R44W
Wingfield, J.W.              T2S R44W
Wingfield, J.W.              T2S R45W
Wininger, Chas. A.           T3S R42W Res
Winkler, Jessie Moss         T3N R44W
Winkler, O.                  T2N R45W
Winn, A.L.                   T5N R43W
Winters, Ellen J.            T2N R47W
Wisden, John                 Wray
Wisdom, J.T.                 T1N R45W
Wisdom, John T.              T1N R45W
Wisdom, Wm.                  T3N R44W
Wise, Clarence               T2S R45W
Wise, Delmar                 T3S R47W
Wise, Delmar                 T4S R46W Res
Wise, Delmar                 T4S R47W
Wise, Homer                  T5S R47W
Wise, Lincoln                T2S R45W
Wise, Lincoln                T3S R44W
Wise, P.P.                   T4S R46W Res
Wistrand, H.W.               T4N R43W
Witte, F.                    T2S R44W
Witte, Fritz                 T1N R44W
Witte, Fritz                 T2S R45W
Witte, H.                    T2S R44W
Witte, H.D.                  T1S R45W
Witte, H.D.                  T2S R45W
Wizer, Jas.                  T5S R42W
Woehler, Clara               T3S R45W
Wolber, J.R.                 T5S R45W
Wolf, C.L.                   T1N R47W
Wolfe, Chas.                 T3N R48W
Wolfe, E.B.                  T4N R47W
Wolff, A.G.                  T2N R48W
Wolff, A.G.                  T3N R48W
Wolff, A.G.                  T4N R48W
Wolff, Walter                T3N R48W
Wollard, S.L.                T5N R44W
Wood, B.A.                   T2N R48W
Wood, C.H.                   T3N R47W
Wood, J.B.                   T5S R48W
Wood, N.S.                   T5N R43W
Wood, W.E.                   T1S R47W
Woodbury, G.                 T4N R48W
Woodcock, Floyd              T5N R45W
Woodcock, John               T5N R45W Res
Woodcock, Shannon            T5N R45W Res
Woodcock, W.F.               T4N R46W
Woodcock, W.F.               T5N R45W
Woodward, C.N.               T4N R44W Res
Woodward, E.W.               T3N R47W
Woodward, Frank              T3N R46W
Woodward, J.W.               T5S R48W
Woolard, S.L.                T5N R45W Res
Wooley, G.C.                 T5S R43W Res
Wooley, Winnie               T5S R43W
Workman, Chas.               T4N R43W
Worley, Chas. H.             T5N R44W
Worley, Elmer                T5N R44W
Worley, Milton               T5N R44W
Worley, R.W.                 T1S R47W
Worley, T.H.                 T3S R43W
Worley, W.J.                 T1S R47W
Worth, C.M.                  T2S R45W
Worth, C.M.                  T2S R46W
Wray Mills                   Wray
Wray, Amos                   T2S R45W
Wray, Edw. P.                T2N R45W
Wray, Edward P.              T3N R45W Res
Wright, A.J.                 T4S R46W Res
Wright, Geo. D.              T2S R44W Res
Wright, Paul B.              T3N R48W
Wright, Wm.                  T3N R48W
Wuergler, Edith I.           T1N R46W
Wuergler, J.H.               T1N R47W Res
Wuergler, J.L.               T1N R47W Res
Wuergler, J.L.               T2N R47W
Wurtsmith, H.J.              T3S R48W
Wyatt, D.W.                  T5S R47W Res

  NAME                          MAP  
Yates, Annie                 T5N R45W
Yates, C.A.                  T1N R43W
Yates, S.M.                  T5N R45W
Yates, S.S.                  T5N R45W Res
Yates, Zrelda                T5N R45W
Yates, Zrelda                T5N R46W
Yates. S.S.                  T5N R45W
Yenter, A.C.                 T2N R45W Res
Yenter, C.J.                 T1N R43W
Yenter, C.J.                 T1N R44W
Yenter, C.J.                 T1N R45W
Yenter, C.J.                 T2N R45W
Yenter, C.J.                 T2N R46W
Yenter, C.J.                 T3N R45W
Yingling, P.N.               T3S R48W
Yoder, Sarah                 T3N R48W
Yost, Geo. H.                T2N R48W
Yost, J.E.                   T4N R43W
Yost, Lura                   T5N R44W
Yost, P.D.                   T3N R48W
Yost, S.A.                   T4N R43W
Young, A.J. Est.             T2N R48W
Young, A.J. Est.             T4N R47W
Young, Carrie L.             T5S R47W Res
Young, D.                    T5N R46W
Young, Ed.                   T4S R46W Res
Young, Edw. & J.F.           T1S R45W
Young, Edward                T1S R46W
Young, J.F.                  T4N R48W
Young, Jas. & Edw.           T1S R46W
Young, Jas. F.               T1S R46W
Young, Kate                  T2S R44W
Young, Kate                  T2S R45W
Young, Kate                  T3S R46W
Young, Kate                  T4S R42W
Young, Kate                  T4S R45W
Young, Kate                  T4S R47W
Young, Sarah                 T2N R47W
Young, W.N.                  T2S R47W
Yount, B.H.                  T2S R44W
Yount, B.H.                  T2S R47W
Yount, E.W.                  T3S R44W
Yount, H.J.                  T2S R44W
Yount, H.J.                  T3S R44W
Yount, Lee                   T5S R44W
Yung, Carrie L.              T5S R47W Res

  NAME                          MAP  
Zepp, Ellen                  T1S R43W
Ziegler, M.C.                T4N R48W
Zimmer, Chris.               T3N R48W
Zimmerle, Peter              T5S R46W
Zion, Annie                  T2S R45W
Zion, Charles A.             T3S R44W
Zion, Joe M.                 T2S R44W
Zion, Ralph                  T3S R45W
Zion, W.H.                   T2S R45W Res
Zion, Walter                 T3S R45W
Zook, Lulu                   T2N R47W
Zwirn, Charles               T3N R47W Res

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