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Yuma County, Colo., Historical Map

For further information about the places shown, see Yuma County Place Names
NOTE: While Yuma County was established in 1889, the south one-half of the county wasn't added until 1903. Prior to that it was part of Arapahoe County.

20kb Yuma County Map
Map Legend
Places Black - Current places and Post Offices
Yellow - Incorporated Towns City Limits
Orange 1882 - 1997 Post Offices now closed and other old communities that never had a post office
Railroad Gray - BN&SF Railroad (1881 Burlington and Missouri Route)
Roads Red - US Highways
Solid Black - Numbered Colorado Highways
Solid Gray - Paved County Roads
Dashed Gray - Other County Roads
Rivers & Creeks Blue - Rivers. (Names of the North and South Forks of the Republican River were abbreviated.)
Cemeteries Tombstone (Box with Cross) with name in Gray
(For a detailed map follow the "Cemetery Map" link below)

County Places School District
Land Survey
1920 Precincts
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