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Armel Cemetery
Community cemetery located three miles north of US 36 at the intersection of Co Rd 15 & PP. Established in 1905 as a church cemetery it is now an active public cemetery maintained by the East Yuma County Cemetery District.
GPS: 39°47'26"N, 102°06'24"W
Colorado Stones Project - Some headstone photos.
List of veterans burials.
Beecher's Island Battlefield
Joint Colorado-Kansas historical site established in 1905 on the 1868 Beecher's Island Battlefield. Located on the west side of Co. Rd KK where it crosses the Arikaree River. Maintained by the Beecher Island Battle Memorial Association. Monument and memorial markers for the Forsyth Scouts who died in the battle.
GPS: 39°52'19"N, 102°11'08"W
Colorado Stones Project - Photos of the markers.
Yuma County data index has links to battle details.
The Beecher Island page of the YCHS web site has more Beecher photographs and information.
Bumbley Child Grave
A son of George and Clara Bumbley died circa 1918 and was buried on the family property northwest of Wray. Farmstead location and grave location are unknown today.
Buffalo Hunter Grave
This lonely memorial marker and sandstone slab on a hilltop overlooking the Arikaree on the Wineglass Ranch mark a grave found by the Daniel Shields family in the early 1880s. The Shields assumed it must have been a hunter who died in the 1870s. The grave and a marker placed by the Yuma County Historical Society are on the hill on the south side of the Arikaree River just east of the county road that crosses the ranch connecting Roads Z and AA. Photographs of the marker and the site are in the Colorado Stones Project.
GPS: 39°44'52"N, 102°21'16"W
Day Family Graves
Memorial Marker placed by the Yuma Co Historical Society on the homestead of Abraham "Happy" Day and his wife Ida (died 1917 & 1915) both of whom were buried there. The marker is on private property north of Eckley, a mile north of Co Rd 43 in the NW¼, Sec 27, T3N R45W, on land owned by the Brophy family. Historical Society volunteers made a "best guess" about the original plot location based on verbal accounts and residue from wood posts that might have fenced the plots.
Not visited but near GPS: 40°08'58"N, 102°27'09"W
Delto Family Cemetery
Abandoned family cemetery on private land in Sec 35, T5S R44W (about 1 mile west of US 385 and 1 mile north of the Kit Carson county line) established about 1888 by the family of Ernest A. Delto. One marker, that of Ernest Delto 1847-1888, survives. There were at least three and perhaps more Delto family burials there.
GPS: 39°35'10"N, 102°16'04"W
Downey Family Cemetery
Abandoned family cemetery dating from the 1890s on private property now owned by the Peters family in Sec 25, T4S R43W. The cemetery is located about 1/4 mile north of Co Rd 7 and is 6 1/2 miles east of US 385. From the county road at the old Downey farmstead the cemetery appears to be a three foot tall foundation in a pasture on the far side of the field. No surviving markers. Six known Downey and Rolow burials.
GPS: 39°40'46"N, 102°07'44W
Photographs in the Colorado Stones Project.
Eckley Cemetery
Active public cemetery dating from about 1908 located just south of US 34 at the town of Eckley. Maintained by the Eckley Cemetery Board.
GPS: 40°06'17"N, 102°29'00"W
Some photographs in the Colorado Stones Project.
List of veteran burials
Friend Cemetery
Abandoned cemetery located on private land in the NE¼ Sec 30, T4S R45W. Established before 1890 near the town of Friend and abandoned by 1905 after a new landowner told family members to move their loved ones off his land. Many were reburied in the nearby Lucas Memorial Cemetery. Others were relocated to the Kirk Cemetery. No trace of the Friend Cemetery remains today and no listing of the original burials at Friend survives.
German Lutheran Cemetery, aka Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, Landsman Cemetery and Spring Valley Cemetery
Abandoned church cemetery established in 1890 on land owned by August Handke, now maintained by the East Yuma County Cemetery District. The last of twenty known burials was in 1908. The cemetery is located just north of the Yuma-Kit Carson County line in the SW¼ Sec 34, T5S R44W on Co Rd 0 (Kit Carson Co Rd RR).
GPS: 39°34'19'N, 102°16'37"W

Gilstrap Family Cemetery
Abandoned family cemetery dating from the 1890s. There were at least a dozen family burials there; the last in 1936. There are a half-dozen surviving stones. The cemetery is on private property a mile east of Road PP and a mile south of US 385. One veteran burial.
GPS: 39°43'57"N, 102°05'03"W
Glendale Cemetery, aka Vernon Cemetery
Community cemetery established in 1887 in the SW¼ Sec 7, T1S R44W two miles east of Vernon on Rd 26 (two miles west of US 385.) Now maintained by the East Yuma County Cemetery District. Sexton records for the years before the cemetery district took it over are incomplete. There are several known unmarked graves.
GPS: 39°56'56"N, 102°16'52"W
Some headstone photos in Colorado Stones Project
List of veteran burials.
Grandview Cemetery, aka Wray Cemetery
Community cemetery on top of the bluff at the south end of Main Street maintained by the East Yuma County Cemetery District. Grandview was started in 1885/1886 as the family burial plot for some of the William Dorman children. Mr. Dorman sold other early Wray residents plots until 1913 when the Grand View Cemetery Association sold stock to purchase the land. The oldest surviving headstone is that of "Baby Shinabarger" dated 1886. Burial records for the early years are incomplete since the Association and the City of Wray, after the city took it over in the late 1920s, recorded only plot ownership.
GPS: 40°04'02"N, 102°12'47"W
Some headstone photos in Colorado Stones Project.
List of veteran burials.
Hanshaw Cemetery, aka Lakeside Cemetery  aka Laird Cemetery
Now a public cemetery maintained by the East Yuma County Cemetery District, the Hanshaw cemetery was created in 1919 by Edward Hanshaw as a family plot for the burial of his daughter Nellie. Edward was buried there in 1937. The Hanshaw family deeded the land to the cemetery district in 1979 for use as a public cemetery.  Lee had the cemetery as northeast of Laird on the east side of Rd RR in Sec 34, T2N R42W.  GPS: 40°05'27"N, 102°03'22"W.
But GoogleMaps has it on Rd SS.  From Hwy 34 east of Laird take County Road Railroad north, following it east and then north on SS.

Two veteran burials.
Idler Family Cemetery
Family cemetery on private land started in 1896 by Gotthlif and Catherine Idler as the resting place for seven of their children who died that summer of diphtheria. Catherine (died 1924), Gotthlif (died 1942) and a son who died in 1975 are also buried there. North of Kirk on Rd M, and then west ½ mile on Rd 7. Maintained by the Idler Family. Yuma Pioneer story
GPS: 39°40'18"N, 102°35'44"W
Joes Mennonite Church Cemetery
See New Hope Mennonite Cemetery
Johnson Family Cemetery, aka Wauneta Cemetery and Triangle Cemetery
Family Cemetery five miles northeast of Wauneta on Rd 51 started in 1921 by C.H. Johnson as the burial place for his son, Blufford Randy Johnson. One other known child burial. In Sec 21, T4N R43W. Maintained by the landowner.
GPS: 40°18'26"N, 102°10'12"W.
Jones Family Cemetery
The Bob Jones Family Cemetery is located on a hilltop on private land on the Jones Ranch just east of Rd RR north of the Arikaree River. Created in 1991 as the resting place for Robert "Bob" Jones who wanted to be buried on his ranch. His wife was buried there in 2003. Maintained by the Jones family.
GPS: 39°56'08"N, 102°04'55"W
Kingston Cemetery
See Lansing Cemetery
Kirk Cemetery
Public cemetery located a mile south and a half-mile west of Kirk on the north side of Rd 2 in Sec 23, T5S R47W. The first known burial was in 1892. It is maintained by the Kirk Cemetery District.

1940 Yuma Pioneer
GPS: 39°35'57"N, 102°36'00"W.
Some stone photographs in the Colorado Stones Project.
Derrill Langen's transcription was on GeoCities, which has been closed.
List of Veteran burials.
Lakeview Cemetery
See Hanshaw Family Cemetery
Landsman Cemetery
See German Lutheran Cemetery
Lansing Cemetery, aka Kingston Cemetery and Lansing Valley Cemetery
Abandoned community cemetery in SW¼ Sec 26 T3S R43W on the east side of the Beecher Island Road (Rd LL) 1½ miles north of US 36. The first known burial at Lansing was in 1887 and the last in 1942. It is now maintained as an inactive cemetery by the East Yuma County Cemetery District.
GPS: 39°46'03"N, 102°09'47"W
Photographic survey in Colorado Stones Project.

Lagler Grave
Burial plot on the family farm for a child of Fred and Julia Lagler. On private land in the SE¼ Sec 4, T4N R44S a mile south of Rd 54 and 1½ miles west of US 385. No trace remains.
Long Infant Grave
Circa 1912 grave of infant child of Simon Long. Described as located 2 miles east and 1¼ miles south of Clarkville. No trace remains today.
Long Family Cemetery, aka Dolly Long Grave
This 1890s family plot on the homestead of John and Sarah (Foreman) Long is about six miles east of Vernon located just south of Rd 27 between Rds HH & JJ in the NE¼ Sec 20, T1S R43W. The abandoned cemetery on private land is the final resting place for at least five members of the John Long family who died between 1893 and 1900. Two headstones survive.
GPS: 39°57'42"N, 102°12'45"W
Photographs in Colorado Stones Project.
Transcription in the USGenWeb Archives.
Lucas Memorial Cemetery
Public cemetery established in 1901 by Andrew Lucas and deeded to the community. Now maintained by the East Yuma County Cemetery District. The Lucas Cemetery is located a half mile north of US 36 on the west side of Rd AA in Sec 13, T4S R45W. Mr. Lucas created this cemetery on his homestead to provide a new home for those who had been buried at the Friend Cemetery. The first graves with headstones dated earlier than 1901 in the Lucas Cemetery are those moved from Friend and reinterred.
GPS: 39°42'35"N, 102°20'56"W
Some stone photographs in Colorado Stones Project.
Transcription in the USGenWeb Archives.
List of veteran burials.
Mace Family Graves
James and Nancy Mace had 480 acres of land on today's Rd Z where it crosses the ridge between the Copper Kettle and the Arikaree. When James died in 1908 and Nancy followed in 1913 the obits led the reader to believe they were returned to the Mace ranch for burial. No trace of their graves has been found but they are not listed in any of the local cemetery burial records.
Mildred Cemetery
Abandoned community cemetery dating from 1912 on the west side of Rd U a mile south of the Rd 20 intersection. The cemetery is on State Land in Sec 36, T2S R46W and is maintained today by the Leo Prather family. Abandoned about 1932 the cemetery was adopted 40 years later by the Mildred club and restored. While there were only a couple of surviving original headstones, the club identified at least 16 burials and placed plot markers where graves could be identified.
GPS: 39°50'45"N, 102°27'54"W
Mildred Club listing from 1972 is in the USGenWeb Archives.
One veteran burial.
New Hope Mennonite Church Cemetery aka Joes Mennonite Cemetery
Cemetery established in 1896 across the road east of the Mennonite Church and still in use. On the north side of US 36 at Rd J it is in the SW¼ Sec 33 T4S R47W. The church building is now the home of the Liberty Baptist Church.
GPS: 39°30'40"N, 102°38'56"W
A few stone photographs are in Colorado Stones Project.
List of veteran burials.
Olivet Nazarene Church Cemetery
Church cemetery established in 1915 just east of the intersection of Rds P and 9, north of Kirk. The Nazarene Church building was moved to Kirk several years ago but the cemetery is still active. In NW¼ Sec 20 T4S R46W.
GPS: 39°42'00"N, 102°33'14"W
Some stone photographs in Colorado Stones Project.
List of veteran burials.
Oman Grave
Abandoned grave on private land in the SW¼ Sec 30 T4S R43W of Mrs. Chris Oman and her baby son on the family land 1¼ miles east of US 385 on Rd 7. Dating from "the pioneer days" no trace remains today.
Pleasant Valley Cemetery
Church and community cemetery southeast of Clarkville established in 1909 a quarter mile north of the Pleasant Valley Church and still in use. The cemetery is in the SW¼ Sec 6 T4N R46W on the east side of Rd P north of Rd 53.
GPS: 40°20'29"N, 102°33'54"W.
Some headstone photos in Colorado Stones Project.
List of veteran burials.
Shores Family Graves
Family cemetery for Robert Shores, his wife and two of their children. Located "1 mile north and ½ mile east of the US 36/US 385 junction" in the SE¼ Sec 12 T4S R44W. No trace remains today.
Spring Valley Cemetery
See German Lutheran Cemetery
Saint Johns Evangelical Cemetery
Church cemetery southeast of Idalia established in 1887 and still in use. Located a half-mile west of US 385 on the south side of Rd 7 across from St Johns Church. The cemetery is in Sec 35 T4S R44W.
GPS: 39°40'24"N 102°15'40"W
Some headstone photos in Colorado Stones Project.
List of veteran burials.
Schlake Cemetery
Family/community cemetery established about 1900 and abandoned before 1930. There were about 20 known burials. This is another cemetery where a new landowner told surviving family to move their loved ones off his land. It is not known how many graves were left when the cemetery was farmed over. The cemetery was somewhere on the quarter section at the northeast corner of the intersection of Rds C and 52 in the SW¼ Sec 8 T4N R48W on land settled by William Schlake. No trace remains today but oral history places it near one of the roads.
Arlene Glenn wrote "
The Schlake Cemetery was about 2 1/2 miles east of my house and about 4 miles North.  I was told by a reliable source that when they took the curve out of the road they dug up some graves that were not moved.  Every so often someone comes thru who is looking for the people buried in the Schlake Cemetery.  The Korf family moved their graves by themselves.  It was getting dark by the time they got Leopold Korf dug up so they parked the casket on the wagon in the barn or granary that night and buried him in Yuma the next day.  For a long time he didn't appear on the Cemetery list so I suspect they just did everything  the cheap way and didn't tell anyone.  However, I believe there are stones so they moved them, too."

Perhaps near GPS: 40°19'18"N, 102°46'25"W.

Talley Grave
Memorial marker near the Arikaree on the Thompson Ranch. Marker was placed to mark the site of Frank Talley's 1880's burial. According to accounts, Talley was a cattle buyer who was known to carry a large amount of money to fund his purchases. He was murdered and robbed as he traveled to visit ranchers in the Arikaree River valley. His remains were later discovered by ranch hands who buried him where he was found. Almost a hundred years later volunteers led by Leo McCoy placed a gray granite marker made by Ralph Spellman near the site described by oral history. To get to the ranch from US 36, go north six miles on Rd P and follow the private ranch road a half mile southwest to the ranch headquarters. The memorial marker is on the south bank of river another third mile west. The marker is in the vicinity of GPS 39°44'17"W, 102°34'17" in the NW¼ Sec 6 T4S R46W.
Triangle Cemetery
See Johnson Family Cemetery
Unknown Grave
On private land three miles southeast of Hale in Sec 29 T5S R42W on the USGS Bonny quadrangle map there is a grave symbol. That is all that is known about this burial location.
GPS 39°35'52"N, 102°05'32"W. .
Vernon Cemetery
See Glendale Cemetery
Wauneta Cemetery
See Johnson Family
Wray Cemetery
See Grandview Cemetery
Yuma Cemetery
Public cemetery on Rd 39 at the intersection with Rd G a mile east of Highway 59 in the SE¼ Sec 14 T2N R48W. The Yuma Cemetery was established in 1888 and is still in use maintained by the Yuma Cemetery Board.
GPS: 40°08'04"N, 102°05'32"W
Sexton records are in the Colorado USGenWeb Archives.
Some tombstone photographs are in Colorado Stones Project.
List of veteran burials.
Yuma Railroad Teamster Memorial Marker
Marker placed by Yuma residents at the Colorado Historical Society 'Welcome to Colorado and Yuma County' historical marker and parking area three miles east of Yuma on the north side of US 34 at Rd J. The marker recognizes an unknown 'Yuma Indian teamster' killed in an early 1880s railroad construction accident and buried somewhere along the Burlington, Missouri and Colorado Railroad tracks east of Yuma. According local legend this unknown Indian teamster was the namesake of the later Town of Yuma, Yuma County and the current Yuma Indians school sports teams.

I have a copy of both Pat Oestman's "Burials in Yuma County 1992" and Aileen Tombaugh's "Yuma County Cemeteries" printed in 1993. I am willing to do lookups in both. Send an email to Lee Zion (lzion@plains.net) Subject: Yuma County Cemeteries
Simon Long Baby Schlake Cemetery Pleasant Valley Cemetery Lagler Child Grave Johnson Family Cemetery Happy Day Family Cemetery Yuma Cemetery Eckley Cemetery Wray Grandview Cemetery Hanshaw or Lakeside Cemetery Vernon Glendale Cemetery John Long Family Cem Bob Jones Family Cem Beecher Island Mon. James & Nancy Mace Graves Milidred Cemetery Armel Cemetery Kingston or Lansing Cem 1870s Grave Mem Marker Fank Talley Grave Lucas Cemetery Friend Cemetery Olivet Nazarene Cem. New Hope Mennonite Cem. Idler Family Cem. Kirk Cemetery St. Johns Church Cem Delto Family Cem Lutheran Church Cem Downey Family Cem Gilstrap Family Cem Shores Family Oman Fam Grave USGS Unknown Grave "The Yuma Indian" Yuma Wray Eckley Vernon
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