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In 1886 Akron was the site of the first schoolhouse built in future Washington county but the town was still in Weld County. The first public school teacher was Miss Hettie Irwin although Mrs. S. Cordeal had conducted a private school prior to this time.

In 1890 there were 19 schoolhouses in the county, total valuation $25,000, total enrollment, 601. On January 1, 1916, there were ninety-nine school buildings in the county, total valuation, $63,258. The high school enrollment was 88, total enrollment, 2060, in a total of 178 rooms.

This page is an index to miscellaneous Washington County schools data donated to the project. If you have something to donate such as a class picture or a newspaper clipping of a school function, or any school information you wish to share please contact me Daniel B. Cooley.

1888 Akron Primary

1888 Akron School

1888 Hyde School

1899 Teachers in Washington County

1900 WCHSS* Akron Class of 1900

1900 Hyde School Closing Exercises March 1900

1902 WCHSS Akron Class of 1902

1907 Hyde School Class with US Census analysis

1911 WCHSS Akron Class of 1911

1913 WCHSS Akron Class of 1913

1915 Akron Grade School Eighth Grade Graduates

1917 Regional Teachers Meeting in Wray

1917 History of District 70 (Beaver Precinct)

1918 Washington County Teachers

1918 Washington County School Boards

1920 Akron School awards

1920 St. Joseph's High School, Akron

1920 Otis Grade School Graduation

1922 Otis High School football team

1922 St. Joseph's High School, Akron

1922 WCHSS Class of 1922

1923-1924 Akron Grade School, 8th grade.

1923 Class Photo Burdett School

1923 Washington County Teacher's Convention

1924 Lone Star High School Class Photo, 1927 and 1930 Lone Star Grade School pupil listings

1927 High Prairie Grade School Graduating class photo

1926-7 WCHSS High Prairie report card

1928 Otis High student photo

1931 WCHSS Class of 1931

1938 West Hyde Grade School

1927-1928 Washington County Educational Directory

1946 Hillcrest School photos

*Washington County High School System

Washington County Schools and Districts

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